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hey, I'm Jas 👋

I've always felt a little bit, well, different. In my 20s, I discovered I was an introvert, INFP and sensitive guy (HSP).

I'd just been mindlessly trundling along at that point. After dropping out of uni (twice), I fell into recruitment. But life in the city wasn't for me. It feels like 2015 was the turning point. That was the year I quit my job and it's been quite the journey since.

In that time I've tried different jobs, gone travelling, done therapy, made a bunch of lifestyle changes. There have been ups and downs, twists and turns but I'm grateful to feel the happiest and most aligned I've felt. Speaking of which, I also have a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), aka 'the science of happiness'.

Along the way, I've run various blogs for introverts (see: INF club: a timeline). Before long, I realised that INFJs, INFPs and other HSPs/intuitives (introvert or otherwise) were totally my people.

A summit I ran with a friend in 2020 really hammered this home, and only made my intuition stronger that INF club was something that needed to exist. (context: 2,000 people signed up to the INF Summit without a penny spent on marketing)

INF club is for INFJs, INFPs, and other HSPs/intuitives (introvert or otherwise)
who are interesting in all things personal growth and creating a meaningful life.

Through the blog and recorded episodes, I share the lessons I've learned, the ones I'm still learning, and the perspectives of fellow INFs + others.

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You can also reach me at jas@infclub.net, and on Twitter @jasraj0. Or, find out what else I'm up to over here.

Thanks for being here. Here's to the journey ahead 👣


PS. If you're still with me, you're probably now ready to dive right in...

Above: me, in Mykonos, August 2019. (wearing the coolest t-shirt I own)

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