a place for writers and creatives who identify as: INFPs, INFJs, iNtuitives, highly sensitives & empaths.

hi there,

I'll be honest, I always felt a little... odd. Like many of us, I found myself on a path that wasn't me. After dropping out of university (twice), I landed in financial services recruitment in 'the City' (London).

In 2015, the disconnect between the real me and the me I was living (or, pretending to be) came to a head. I was sat at the office Christmas party, having just won 'Employee of the Year' and I felt... numb. This was after several weeks of reading 'career change' stories, attending after-work talks at Escape The City and Google Campus, and reading books like The $100 Startups on my commute (keeping them safely tucked away in my work bag).

In the spring of 2016, I quit my job.

That was then I started writing again, for the first time since school. And at some point between then (2016) and now, I realised that writing was important in my journey of healing and growth.

It started with sharing articles on Medium and LinkedIn. I've had various blogs. I've written poetry (and even performed in front of a small audience). I've journalled in various forms (a practice I continue to this day). As a kid, I even started writing a script for Toy Story 3, after watching the first two movies.

In short, writing has been a way of connecting with my truest self, and with the emotions and intuition wrapped around this self.

Currently, I run INF Club - which started out as a merely a blog, before it evolved and became what you it is today: a community of INFP and INFJ writers and creatives across the world, from Hawaii to Australia.

If you're an INFP or an INFJ who has also realised the need to integrate creativity into your life, you're in the right place.

Welcome home, and I hope the Club helps you be more of who you are - and find growth in your work, in your life, and in those messy bits in between.

If you haven't as yet, I'd invite you to subscribe to the newsletter. By doing so, you'll also receive a copy of my e-book Happier, sharing my story & tips to help you get started on your growthful journey as an INFP or INFJ.

And then... 👣 start here.

There are blog posts, podcast episodes and a community of INFP & INFJ writers, bloggers, creatives & multi-passionates waiting for you.

Go well, and make yourself at home. This place is for you.



ps. If you'd like to reach out, I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me at: jas@infclub.net

You can also find me on Twitter and micro.blog.

me, being smiley in my back garden (2020)

Last updated: March 2021

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