Ideas, perspectives and stories to help you on your soulful journey

hi there, I'm Jas 👋

above: me, in Iceland, December 2019.

Until around 2015, I was confused and just went along with life even though something felt off. Things came to a head in 2014, and the following year I quit my job and didn't look back.

What followed was much career experimentation and self-discovery through therapy, coaching, reading, research, courses, conversations and, most of all, taking action. It's certainly been a gradual and winding journey, and better understanding and honour my introverted, sensitive and intuitive self has been a significant (if not the significant) piece of the puzzle.

INF Club is the resource I wish I'd had all along.

It's a place for INFPs, INFJs and highly sensitive introverts who want to live better and feel more aligned with their true selves.

You'll find my own ideas, stories and perspectives as well as those of others, both here on the blog and on the podcast I run alongside.

What I've realised is that my breakthroughs have come from coming across an idea, or a story, or a quote... and then making sense of it myself and using it in my own way.

You see, the answers aren't out there. They're right inside of you, just waiting to be discovered.

Here's how you can get started:

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I hope what you find here helps you uncover those answers that lie within you and send you further along on your beautiful, imperfect, unique journey 👣

Thanks for being here,


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