INF Club is a place for INFPs, INFJs, intuitives & highly sensitives: providing you with resources to help you on your journey πŸ‘£

hi there, I'm Jas πŸ‘‹

For a number of years, I trundled along in my life and things were, well, kinda okay on the surface, but inside of me I felt a growing sense that something was off. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

These feelings grew as I neared the end of high school and started to really think about my place in the world.

The short version is that I ended up dropping out of university and falling into Financial Services recruitment. I knew pretty early on that wasn't "it" for me, but I kept being told "Jas, you NEED to learn to stick at things", and I actually got pretty good at recruitment (my empathy skills came in handy).

In 2014, I was awarded 'Employee of the Year' at the firm's Christmas party but I felt... empty. I snuck out early and knew then my time in recruitment was coming to an end. Not long before this, Susan Cain's 'Quiet' TED talk and book had started me on an inner journey that helped me realise I was an introvert, Highly Sensitive Person and an INFP. Β 

So the cogs had already been turning inside of me, and after that Christmas Party moment I started figuring out my escape route.

A few months later, I quit my job to study a Masters in Positive Psychology, alongside an in-person career changers' group programme with an organisation called Escape The City.

Here's the article I wrote shortly after leaving my job, one of the first I wrote and shared online.

What has followed since then was much career experimentation and self-discovery through therapy, coaching, reading, research, courses and conversations. Work-wise, I've tried remote working, trying to 'do my own thing' (x3), running various blogs and, slowly but surely, nudging myself forwards, listening to my intuition, and moving closer to this place of happiness and living in alignment.

Life-wise, my view on lots of things has slowly, but significantly, changed (see my recent articles vs my earliest ones).

A big part of this has been acknowldging, better understanding and stepping into my intuitive, sensitive nature.

If I compare myself to how I was a few years ago, I have come so far and I feel like a completely different person. Like I am more myself, and only becoming more so as time passes. Now that I've found my path, I'm only travelling deeper into the woods 🌲

It's certainly been a gradual and winding journey, and one I would never change. The magic piece of the puzzle, though, has been ✨ better understanding and honouring my introverted and deep, sensitive and intuitive nature. ✨

If you're an INFJ or an INFP, I reckon you'll know what I'm talking about and be nodding with a big YES, or this'll be resonating and you'll slowly be processing what you've just read.

Either way, you're exactly where you need to be and INF Club will help move you along on your journey... trust me.

So, why INF Club?

My journey has been one of a rational, thought-centred one to more of an intuitive, heart-felt one.

I feel like this is the sort journey we are all on, even if no two journeys are exactly the same.

I dabbled in various introvert blogs, before I renamed the one called IntrovertJedi... and INF Club was born. I had realised it was this highly sensitive, intuitive piece that I really connected with and which was the magical thread which connected us INFPs, INFJs and other Highly Sensitives/intuitives.

This is the resource I wish I'd had all along.

INF Club is a place to help INFJs and INFPs on their journey, wherever you currently are πŸ‘£

You'll find my personal experiences and perspectives, as well as those of other INFs, Highly Sensitives/intuitives and introverts.

You see, the answers aren't out there. They're right inside of you, just waiting to be discovered. ✨

As INFs, we are intuitive and sensitive types, and I've learned that we share much in common. Β Though like all human beings, each of us is unique. But, through our experiences and perspectives, we can deeply learn from one another. Though no two journeys are the same, our sensitivity and intuitive nature deeply connects us.

The various pieces you'll find here inside INF Club are to nudge you along, gently, and become more of who you really are. Here are the different pieces of the jigsaw:

πŸ‘‰ Start exploring the Club

Thank you for reading about my story, and how INF Club came into being. I hope you enjoy being here πŸ€—

Btw, feel free to connect with me on Twitter, or see what else I'm currently up to, here. And you can email me anytime, I'd love to here from you.

See you around,


PS. If you're new to this place, I'd recommend starting your journey here πŸ‘£

And here's me smiling at you... because you being here makes me happy 😊

Last updated: November 2020

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