hey, I'm Jas 👋

In short, after a long time of feeling weird I discovered I was an INFP - and not just an introvert but also a sensitive person (HSP).

It feels like INFPs and INFJs share a bunch of stuff in common... I've had many aha and wow, you too?! moments when speaking with fellow INFs.

I've read my fair share of introvert/INF articles and memes online, some of which were entertaining but some of which were... not so helpful. I knew I wanted a place that was positive, inspiring and action-orientated, whilst still speaking to me in my language and honouring my sensitivity + intuition.

INF club is for INFPs and INFPs who want to grow and live better, through self-understanding, learning and taking little steps. Slow and steady wins the race.

I share the lessons I've learned, the ones I'm still learning, and the perspectives of fellow INFs + other guests (here on the blog and on the podcast).

Dip your toe in by becoming a subscriber (find previous newsletters here), or go deeper by becoming a member.

Here's to the journey ahead 👣


PS. If you're an eager beaver, here's a longer introduction. Or, if you're ready, you can just dive right in...

above: me, in Iceland, December 2019.

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