A conversation with Lauren Sapala on ‘managing our sensitivity’ (+ vlog #2)

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In part 9 of our little conversation series, my writer friend Lauren Sapala & I spoke about sensitivity and how me manage it.

This was inspired by someone asking my how I’ve learned to manage my sensitivity, whilst I was in Madeira over the Summer.

Amongst other things, we talked about:

- How we feel in our bodies
- Counteracting screentime and computer/phone-scrolling
- Managing & responding to emails
- Why Lauren says “no” a lot / the books we’re currently reading
- Giving ourselves *permission* to have what we need

📺 Watch in full

You can also find our other conversations here.

vlog #2

I also shared my 2nd vlog this week, opening up about why I’ve had to delay the release of my book.

🎥 vlog #2: I tried to self-format my book...

Jas’s journal, September

And finally, my journal entry for last month…

"Goodness, it's been quite the month.

Two big projects have been occupying my time of late. The first being my book, getting it finished and putting a launch process together. And the second being, a new direction and a re-brand.

Firstly, my book... So, I've had to be pretty focused as I've put the launch together and released it over the last couple of weeks, at the same time as getting the book completed and edited.

As this is book number one for me, it all continues to be a learning process. Figuring out the front and back pages that are needed, through to how to get the final version in a format that's presentable.”

📝 Read in full: Jas’s journal - September | or, 🎙️ listen via podcast.

Happy Friday & have a great weekend,



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