A conversation with Lauren Sapala (Part 7): Growing up as an INF

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I'm pleased to bring you Part 7 of my conversation series with my friend Lauren Sapala.

For those of you who don't know her already, Lauren is a writer, writing coach & INFJ. In this week's conversation, listen out for:

  • School, family life, & cultural "rules" and expectations
  • Labels like 'shy', 'selective mutism' and 'bipolar'
  • Job titles, creating your own vocation & answering the question "So, what do you do?" at Indian weddings
  • The slow, unfolding journey of an intuitive career-changer who wants to 'do their own thing'
  • Lauren's approach with putting her stuff "out there" (using a soup analogy), how she treats her fiction writing, and a fiction book recommendation

🎧 Listen via podcast

📺 Watch on YouTube

A 10-week writing group for authors-in-progress (next week)

My friend Shelly Francis is facilitating this Creative Courage Container experience on Zoom, to help move your book writing forward with a supportive group of kindred spirits.

I remember a couple of writers emailed me to say that the last Mastermind Programme wasn't the right timing for them.... if you're looking for some support right now, Shelly's programme could be a brilliant alternative, and starts next week May 4th.

If you are are an “author in progress” working on a book of any genre, find out more about the 10-week writing programme.

1:1 coaching for INFPs

I really enjoyed co-hosting a Productivity for INFPs workshop at the weekend, and I currently have a couple of coaching spaces open for INFPs who might be feeling overwhelmed or lacking direction, and wanting to move forward.

Perhaps you're feeling unfulfilled in your day-job at the moment, and you've been wanting to make a transition for a while. Or maybe you're looking to start, or find some momentum with, a creative project.

Every coaching relationship begins with an exploratory session for us to see if we are a good "fit" for one another. So if you're feeling "the pull", hit reply to this newsletter, or email me at jas@infclub.net | coaching for INFPs



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