Conversations with Lauren Sapala (Spirituality & God) and Jacob Nordby (journalling)

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In our last conversation on Addiction & Codependency (E45), Lauren & I ended up talking at the end about spirituality.

We felt we had only scratched the surface and wanted to dive deeper, so we decided to make this next conversation all about Spirituality & God.

Here's what was covered in Episode 50 of the podcast:

  • How we are tuned into the seasons, and the relationship between our bodies and our spirituality
  • Our upbringing and our family experiences around spirituality and religion
  • Lauren talks about receiving information, psychic experiences, and an important choice we have to make when it comes to accepting our intuitive nature
  • A couple of tangents... including Stephen King, a show on Amazon Prime that INFs will love, and the effects of psychedelic drugs on intuitive people

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Other recent episodes...

🎙️ Jacob Nordby (INFJ): on using journalling to reconnect with himself (E47)
INFJ, writer, creative guide

  • Jacob's experiences in being home-schooled, and growing up in a strict religious environment
  • Jacob's previous corporate life, and the retreat which marked a turning point for him
  • Jacob's model for self-discovery, his 'Creative Self Journal', and how he currently uses journalling in his own life
  • Jacob's new book, The Creative Cure

🎙️ On noticing emotional avoidance, + how you can overcome it (E49)
A solo episode with Jas (INFP)

I narrate and add some commentary and present-day context to a piece I wrote back in 2019,  📝Learning not to avoid things.

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Episode 50: Lauren Sapala (INFJ), part 6: Spirituality & God →

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