Conversations with my indie friend, Sasa

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I'm just checking in briefly this Sunday to share something new a friend & I started recently.

Sasa & I spent time together in Madeira, and we decided to start a casual podcast where we just chat about our indie journeys - as an indie maker (Sasa) and indie writer (me).

There have already been things I've shared in these conversations that I don't recall sharing anywhere else, like how much I've made as an indie writer to date... and why I used to dread going to Indian weddings as I've navigated this crazy ol' indie path.

You can listen to our first 2 conversations here, via Spotify + other podcast platforms, here:


I've also narrated the announcement I made earlier in the week about the new direction I am taking.

You can watch it 📺 here, and there's a little surprise at the end too...

And finally, I had a great time at Micro Camp this weekend, a community of fellow (micro)bloggers. I gave a (pre-recorded) talk titled 'The Joy of Long-form Writing', and others I enjoyed including one called: 'Want to write a book? You probably already have'.

There was also an intoduction + Q&A given by the Micro Blog team of Manton & Jean, about this refreshing platform & community of bloggers that is

You can watch all of the replays for free, by registering 🖱️ on this page and then clicking on the 'Videos' tab once you're inside.

Next week, I'm looking forward to sharing my writing journey as part of the launch process for The Indie Author book. :)




👤 Hello, I'm Jasraj (or Jas for short): a writer, indie and slowpreneur. I help authors and poets navigate their journey in a sustainable way, by writing from the heart and making money from their work.

I share my indie journey on my blog, which you can subscribe to here. Or, you can follow me on twitter.

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