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Happy Friday everyone,

Today I'm sharing with you everything about the INF Club Mastermind Programme, having previously set the scene and introduced the concept of masterminds.

Here's everything you need to know about these special little groups, and what you will get by registering for the 👥 INF Club Mastermind Programme:

What is the INF Club Mastermind Programme?

A group of 3-4 INFPs/INFJs/iNtuitives who will help to provide one another with support and encouragement, and gently help to keep one another accountable. This happens through both intentionality (there's a specific format - see below) and regularity (more below).

Meetings happen over video (e.g. Zoom or Whereby). Isn't the internet just wonderful?

Who exactly is a Mastermind Group for?

Any INF or iNtuitive person, who is either:

a) currently working on some kind of creative project


b) currently working on a business (full-time, part-time, or in its infancy). Or, somewhere 'in between' a) and b).


c) wanting to get started on a project.

Please note that you most certainly do not have to have a fully-fledged book or blog or business etc, in order to take part in the Programme. You might be someone who is in need of something different, wanting to start something new, so you're not creating or focusing on anything at the moment, but the timing here feels right for. Perhaps you're in a job that doesn't feel right, or you're in a job that's on 'pause' due to the pandemic; either way, you are called to getting the feelers out and starting to make something happen.

Equally, you might be someone who has a project that has moved beyond the embryonic stage, or a (side-)business that is generating revenue.

Wherever you are right now, a Mastermind group will help you move forward.

If I'm in the 'c)' bracket, do I have to definitely "know" what I want to start/focus on?

If you do, that's great. For example a book, a blog, a personal project (collage, photo album, family tree, it can really be anything). Or, you might be in a position where you have a bunch of ideas/possibilities in front of you; for you, the Mastermind could help you get started on one of these and just see where it takes you. (And during our 1:1 matching call, I am happy to help you uncover which 'idea' to lean into).

How long will the Programme last?

The Programme will last for 10 weeks, where the commitment will be to meet every week. So that's once a week for ten weeks. As I mentioned before, part of the magic of masterminds comes from meeting with intention and with regularity.

Many groups decide to continue to meet for several months, even for a year or longer.

How does the Mastermind actually 'work'?

I will provide you with everything you'll need to smoothly get up-and-running. I will run the 1st session for you, and check in with the group for a 2nd time mid-way through the 10 weeks, and then for a 3rd & final time at the end of the Programme.

After that 1st session, you'll know exactly how to run your mastermind group, and I'll also provide you with a handy little guide you can revert to and use to keep you on track. The format is really simple.

Okay, so what is the format exactly?

In short, there are 3 parts to each Mastermind session: a 'check in', a 'check out', and the 'masterminding' bit in the middle. During this masterminding part, each person in the group will have the opportunity to share what's going on for them, and then to receive feedback/support from the others in the group. It really is a simple but powerful format that works.

How does the 'matching' part work?

Each person who registers for the Programme will have a 1:1 'matching call' with me. This will let me get to know you better, to understand what you're wanting to focus on, and identify what it is that you're looking to get from the Programme. This all helps me find the best group of people for you.

When will the Programme 'start'?

After the 1:1 matching calls at the start of March, I will then reach out and introduce groups over email, with the intention for groups to start meeting in the 2nd half of March. So, the Programme will run approximately from March until the mid-late May (10 weeks).

What have others in the INF Club community said about Mastermind groups?

Last year, I ran a Mastermind Pilot Programme. Here's what was said by some of those who took part:

I had the feeling being in a Mastermind Group would be a good experience, but I underestimated how energizing and inspiring it's been to be part of this group of like-minded people. Everyone is eager to offer a listening ear to the other members (and advice, when asked for it). Because of these group discussions, I started working on a novel I'd set aside that turned out to be exactly what I needed to write. The support and gentle accountability I get from this group have made me more productive as well as more positive!

Clarissa Harwood | @ClarissaHarwood | (INFJ)

“I am so glad I signed up to be part of a Mastermind Group with the INF Club. I was matched with two other members and from the very first meeting, I knew I had struck GOLD. I received enthusiastic and compassionate support and encouragement from my MM members and also shared an uncanny set of common interests. We are having the best time meeting and helping each other, and I can see us being part of this group for a very long time.”

Peg Cheng | @PegCheng | (ENFJ)

“Being in my mastermind group has been rewarding. Watching members connect and express themselves has been great. I feel more untied after each meeting and I hope they continue.”

Edmond Wright | @EdmondWrite | (INFJ)

“My INF Club Mastermind group experience has been awesome! The group is a wonderful place to bring ideas and questions to and get some great feedback. Also, it’s fantastic to share and get feedback from others who are similar to me in personality. I highly recommend this.”

Amanda Linehan | @AmandaLinehan | (INFP)

And Amanda went on to say:

I know for my experience with the mastermind group, one thing that’s been really working for me is setting a goal with the group at the end of a session. Because I’ve said it out loud in front of other people I’m really motivated to finish it, or at least to get started on it. It’s not so much the reaction of group members I’m scared of if I don’t complete it, it’s just my own sense of wanting to stick to something I’ve said I’d do. The accountability has been fantastic.

And here's what others have said:

Being in a mastermind group is awesome. Sharing our experiences and ideas and reflecting on my own path is great and I leave each meeting energized.
Our MasterMind group has exceeded my expectations. It's strengthening to meet with other HSP, intuitive and introvert people. We share ideas of how best to meet challenges in facing the world, plus enjoy the comfort of each others' company. I feel supported & encouraged.
“I actually look forward to our weekly meetings and come away from them so uplifted. We are three different people who live in very different places and are total strangers but we have gotten to know each other and share a lot of what we hope to accomplish and our doubts and fears about it. So Supportive! I always come away from our weekly meetings with a huge smile!”

What do I need to join the Mastermind Programme?

Just an willingness to show up each week and engage with the Mastermind experience... an hour each week for 10 weeks.

Plus, a WiFi connection & a laptop/computer with webcam.

How much will the Programme cost?

$247 for non-members, $197 for members (20% discount).

This includes a 1:1 matching call with me, plus the x3 Mastermind Group calls I'll help facilitate with you/your group (Weeks #1, #5 & #10).

When can I register?

Registration opens this coming Monday 22nd February. I'll be sharing on the newsletter when doors open.

Other information

Spaces will be limited due to the nature of the matching process; I'll be able to accommodate putting together 4 or 5 of these Mastermind groups.

Application will be first-come, first-served, so if this is something you are feeling called to, I would encourage you to apply early to avoid disappointment.

(It is unlikely that I will be unable to match you, though this can sometimes happen due to logistics / if I receive a large number of applications. If this happens, you will receive a full refund and the opportunity to re-apply to the next Mastermind Programme I run - likely later in 2021).

If you have any questions prior to registration opening next week, you can reach me by replying to this newsletter, or emailing Whether it's to tell me about your project, or your current situation, or something else, I'll be glad to hear from you and help you decide whether the Programme could be a good fit for you.

When I look back at my own journey, and the transitioning that's happened for me over the last 5 years, surrounding myself with like-minded community has been nothing short of magical, and these intimate mastermind groups really are quite something.

And remember, these groups are for everyone. No matter where you are on your journey, they can work wonders. (INFs/iNtuitives who are in a spot where they're procrastinating, or have been meaning to start something for a while and might need a gentle nudge... I'm looking at you 😉).

I'll write to you again in a couple of days' time re: the opening of registration for the Mastermind Programme. If you're feeling called to it, I really hope you'll step forward and join in.

See you again soon,


ps. I'm hosting a little INF club update & catch-up tomorrow. Members know about this already, but I've now decided to open this up to everyone. You can hear about the latest goings-on from Club HQ (aka Jas's house), or ask me a question - about masterminds, the membership community, or anything Club-related. It's happening tomorrow, Sat. 20th Feb @ 10am PT / 6pm GMT. You can join me live on YouTube here, or you can register to send yourself a calendar invite.

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