Lauren Sapala (INFJ) shares her writing journey

• 1 min read

I'm pleased to bring you the latest instalment of my conversation series with my friend Lauren Sapala, all about Writing.

Taken from the about section on Lauren's website:

"After a heartbreaking experience in college when a creative writing professor told me that I should “give up writing” and find something to do at which I might actually be successful, I stopped writing for seven years. It was only when I stumbled upon an unconventional writing group based on the format of Alcoholics Anonymous that I started writing again and discovered my own creative gifts."

In this episode, we talk about things like:

  • Lauren's journey from alcoholism to sobriety
  • Why Lauren really needed her silent writing group when she rediscovered writing
  • Focusing on 'writing for yourself' vs 'being a full-time author' or 'making an income from it'
  • The job Lauren worked whilst writing & blogging, & how she has set up her business
  • The genres INFPs & INFJs seem particularly drawn to

LISTEN to the podcast | WATCH on YouTube



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