Member newsletter: December

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Please read: this might be the last members' email for a while...

Dear members,

2020 is almost over, and new beginnings await us in January.

Energetically, this month is looking similar to last month for me; the only difference being completing stepping away from my projects, including INF Club.

As I have been winding down, I have been letting things simmer in my mind (and heart), and feeling out what I would like the Club to look like next year. A couple of ideas are busy bubbling away, and I am looking forward to seeing how 2021 unfolds.

This year has personally been an eventful one, with:

- co-hosting the INF Summit (2,000+ registered for this)
- starting the INF Club podcast (currently: 38 episodes, 100+ regular listeners, 4000+ plays across 50+ countries)
- the launch of INF Club membership
- INF Club has evolved a fair bit in the last year (here's a timeline)
- starting my coaching practice

It'll be interesting for me to carve out some time this month to reflect on my 2020 intentions, and think about the year ahead - in relation to work, life and everything in between.

A couple of things I wanted to leave you with this month:

  • In 2021, is it likely that I will now pause member emails, instead letting you know about members-only events & other things in the main newsletter. So do keep an eye out on the main newsletter from January. Btw, you'll continue to receive forum updates through Discourse (unless you have opted out).
  • New members are now sent to a welcome page - and I wanted you to see it, too. (there's a lil sneak peek of what I'm planning...)

Finally, I wanted to invite you to my Meditation + Journalling livestream next week. The theme will be 'looking ahead to 2021'. (If you missed it, here's last month's).

▶️ Livestream: Meditation & Journalling ✨

Friday 18th December @ 6.00-6.45pm GMT
Register here

With that being said, I have a couple of things planned already for January & February next year, so stay tuned in to my regular newsletters 😊

And finally, I wanted to thank you for supporting myself & INF Club with your membership, your kind emails and your participating in the members' community - whether in the forum, or attending a meetup/live event.

I hope the Club continues to serve you next year 🙏 Here's to lots more happy INF-shaped times ahead...

Wishing you a peaceful end to the year and a merry Christmas,


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