My first in-person podcast recording...

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Laurence Warner aka 'Cerulean' (ENFJ) on creating & sharing his music as an independent artist

A couple of weeks back I recorded my first ever in-person podcast recording with Laurence Warner, aka Cerulean.

We first connected through the platform, met up for a walk, and then ended up recording a podcast together:

I got excited, and it ended up turning into an extended chat where we talked about:

  • Laurence’s music-making process
  • Making money from your art
  • Is Laurence an extrovert or an ambivert? / Myers-Briggs chat
  • The “organic” journey of the indie artist
  • Why Laurence makes music, and the magic of “sonic experiences” (music) vs verbal (words)
  • Who is Cerulean? (aka Laurence’s artist name)
  • Using the internet to share your authentic expression with other people… but balancing this with using tech in an intentional way
  • Laurence’s advice for indie musicians promoting their work
  • The joy of being an ‘independent artist’ vs going ‘traditional’
  • SavvyIndie: Laurence’s plans for this community for independent musicians / music artists

As always, you can experience this conversation in two ways:

🎧 LISTEN (full episode / higher-quality audio)

📺 WATCH (raw video / with chapters)

🎵 Do also check out Laurence's new album Smalltown Dreamer, due for release a week today on June 30th.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. It felt different recording in-person, and I wonder if that can also be felt by you, the listener/viewer...?



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Episode 63: Laurence Warner aka Cerulean (ENFJ) on creating & sharing his music as an independent artist →

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