Productivity for INFPs: a workshop with Amanda Linehan

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Productivity for INFPs: a workshop with Amanda Linehan

I'm delighted to announce an INF Club workshop this month covering a huge topic:

Productivity for INFPs.

As an INFP myself, it's taken a lot of experimentation and exploration to find ways of being productive that work for me. For a long time, I was spinning my wheels, burning myself out, and giving myself a really hard time.

I'll be honest, it continues to be an journey for me to accept myself as I am, to honour what works for me, and give myself permission to operate in these less conventional ways which run counter to the typical productivity stuff that I see "out there".

I'm especially excited to be hosting this with my friend Amanda Linehan, author of the book with the same title as the workshop - Productivity for INFPs.

Amanda has been writing on her blog for more than 10 years, sharing pieces of her journey since 2008 that have included her learnings on how to be productive as an INFP. Articles of hers like Circular productivity and Sticking to the plan vs. going with the flow really spoke to me, and eventually spawned her aforementioned book.

The workshop will be a blend of presentation and conversation, and you will leave with solid ideas that you can start to implement in your work and life.

Early-bird tickets are available for the first 20 people to register, with general tickets at $35.

REGISTER HERE or read on for the full details...

When is productivity not about (traditional) productivity?

When it’s for INFPs.

In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn how to get things done by using your natural energy flows and rhythms—not by pushing, struggling or over-using self-discipline or willpower.

Delivered by Amanda Linehan, INFP author of Productivity For INFPs, and hosted by Jas Hothi, INFP curator of INF Club, this workshop will cover:

- Prioritising and making decisions with ease
- Flexible goal-setting
- Making space for downtime
- Honouring your creative rhythms

The workshop will be delivered in an INFP-friendly way, with a blend of presentation and conversation.

Come and join us for this one-time workshop and learn how you can be productive within your own natural rhythms.

Also note:
A replay will be available for 14 days after the event ends, for those who are unable to attend live.

Non-INFPs who are interested in leaning more into intuitive (vs rational) goal-setting are also welcome :)

Any questions? Email Jas: jas[at]

Here's the link again to register

We really hope that you'll join us for what's going to be an enlightening workshop 💡



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