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thank you for being one of INF club's early subscribers

Happy Saturday!

How have things been for you as we edge closer to Christmas?

Truth be told, I had a little wobble this week... it was mostly about life and what I want "work" to look like. In amongst that was my envisaging my creative projects and how I want them to evolve, including this one - the INF club.

You see, I have a pretty clear idea about the freedom I want to have, but these last 4 years have been haphazard and ziggety-zaggedy as I try to navigate the "me" I want to become, and making this a reality. I need to remind myself to be gentle, go slow, and TRUST that everything will be OK. ✨

Somehow, I got some clarity last night - whilst I was watching the new StarWars movie, of all things! Maybe the Force is alive and well after all...

🎁 An early present for INF club’s subscribers…

This week, INF club reached 75 subscribers. (Yay!). I'm actually so grateful. And I'd like to celebrate by giving you a little gift.

To express my thanks for your being one of INF club's earliest subscribers, I've gifted you a premium membership - completely free.

What does this mean?

-> Well, I already have some fun plans for INF club in 2020, including some 'extra stuff' for INF club premium members. So, basically, you've got a front-row ticket to everything that'll be happening.

-> INF interviews, a community 'wall', and forum discussions are the sorts of things I've got in mind for next year ... all specially tailored for INFPs and INFJs. I am excited!

-> Also, as a premium subscriber, you can now interact with these posts by leaving comments underneath them.

👉 Btw, anyone who joins INF club between now and December 31st will also be gifted a free upgrade to premium. Let them know, or send them this link.

Btw, what are you doing over Christmas?

I'm going away with my parents and my brother to Iceland, which I haven't really been thinking about much (I think it'll sink in once I'm on the flight), but I'm really looking forward to.

I'd love to know what you're up to; you can just hit reply and let me know :)

🐦 Conversations on Twitter

INF-related conversations have been gradually getting louder... well, maybe not louder, but more involved, which is great!

Here's one from this week:

Some other tidbits…

📖 A book
INF John Davis launched his Accept Connect Heal book this week. It looks beautiful, and with a very important message. You can buy it here.

📺 Christmas films
I've been re-watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Other Xmas favourites include Die Hard (controversial, I know) and, of course, Home Alone. I must watch It's a Wonderful Life, too, I haven't as yet (in it's entirety)!

And finally...

I came across a lovely Ralph Waldo Emerson quote this week, which was timely. Here it is:

PS. If you're receiving this email, you should also have received an email confirmation to confirm your free upgraded premium subscription -> the email subject is 'Complimentary subscription to INF club'. If you haven't, just hit reply.

And remember to tell you INF friends that they, too, can get premium membership for free through the month of December ->



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