an HSP + Myers-Briggs mini-study

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Is there a correlation between Myers-Briggs and high sensitivity? I conducted a poll and the results are quite extraordinary.

an HSP + Myers-Briggs mini-study

with some extraordinary results

So, I've part of the Introvert, Dear Facebook group for a little while, and I've recently joined a couple of 'Highly Sensitive' Facebook groups.

I had a hunch that I'd see a few INFPs and INFJs in the group when I asked the question, but I decided to post this thread:

And then as the answers flooded in, I reposted as a poll.

This one didn't receive quite as much interaction, but the results were similar:

I then spent a couple of hours going through each 'result' from both polls (and ensuring there were no duplicates), to tally up the results, with 468 unique respondents in total. (There have since been more, but I had to draw the line somewhere as the responses just kept coming in - but, at nearly 500 responses, I felt that this was a good sample size to look at).

Here are the full results (in table + chart formats)

A couple of important notes to make
Before making some comments, it's important to note that: though this is a 'Highly Sensitive' group, technically this study isn't 'scientific', as not everyone in this group is necessarily a 'Highly Sensitive Person' - as per the test, or even on a self-identifying basis. Though the majority (I'd imagine) are highly sensitive, some are in this group as non-sensitives - whether because they have a spouse/family member/friend who is highly sensitive, or for some other reason/interest they have in high sensitivity.

There are also other reasons as to why this might not be a 'fair test', for example - perhaps introverts are more likely to join/spend time on Facebook groups like these.

Basically, this test wouldn't be considered 'scientific' for those reasons. But, you know what, the results are pretty darn fascinating anyhow.

So that being said...

Interpreting these results
Some initial patterns (I shared this on my Facebook and LinkedIn for those that are connected with me on there):

A couple more observations
- 5 types account for 94% of the results; the remaining 11 types account for just 6%
- The top 8 types account for more than 98% of the results! Leaving the bottom 8 types accounting for less than 2%

In short…
This stuff feels really significant.

Why is this the case? How are there so many HSPs who identify as being INFPs or INFJs - and overwhelmingly so, in relation to the other 'types'?

Apparently, there's something in that 'NF' combo that is synonymous with high sensitivity.It turns out that us INF-types really are sensitive introverts. I reckon it's this combination of being introverts and sensitive that explains why we feel particularly 'different' and unique, and perhaps why we gather in so many numbers online and why there are so many spaces dedicated to our 'types' (especially when it comes to INFJs - the so called 'rarest' type).

What do you make of all of this?
I'd love to hear what you, dear INFP or INFJ reading this, make of these results.

Are you surprised? Not so surprised? Why do you think there's such a strong correlation?

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