moments of clarity

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As INFJs and INFPs, our relationship with our intuition is very important indeed. I have definitely noticed that there are certain conditions under which 'clarity' tends to emerge for me.

moments of clarity

do you know when you get yours?

As INFJs and INFPs, our relationship with our intuition is very important indeed.

It's always something that is there, but it is a relationship that can be cultivated, developed further if you will. I have definitely noticed that there are certain conditions under which 'clarity' tends to emerge for me.

Keeping my self-care in check is, as a general rule, conducive to feeling grounded and 'well', where the mind feels healthy and not 'frazzled'. This is a basic requirement for any form of clarity/reflection/relationship with the intuition to develop. If you're not taking care of the basics right now (e.g. enough sleep), I'd really recommend it.

However, I've also noticed that clarity can pop up at very specific times for me. For example, I may be pondering upon something and, as if by sudden, that answer will emerge or I'll get "an inkling" for the answer, and whatever it was that I was pondering suddenly makes sense. Or, I'll otherwise get a flash of inspiration, or a different perspective will cross my mind.

Either way, it's as if a dose of clarity has sprung up.

For me, it often happens when I've been in the gym and done some sort of movement, whether it's a light stretch, some weights, or some cardio on the bike. It doesn't even have to be intensely working out; I think the most important thing is that the movement grounds me, and my mind lets itself go from the day/my thoughts/whatever it was I had been doing before the workout (which is, most likely, some sort of Mac-based work).

Right after I've done the workout, I'll take my headphones out of my ears in the changing room and - usually - even if it's just for a few minutes, I'll head to the swimming pool where I'll sit in the sauna/jacuzzi/steam-room or some combination thereof.

And it'll be like, in this relaxed state and with a still mind, ta-da.


And, even if it's not like this clarity-bolt-of-lightning that emerges where I realise something with absoluteness and certainty - due to the fact that I'm clear-minded and calm and grounded, this is generally a good space to think anyway.

Sometimes, I'll be giving something thought in the sauna or jacuzzi (or steam-room), focusing attention on whatever it is I'm 'pondering' or wherever I'm hoping to get clarity, and the clarity will come.

Other times, I might not even be consciously directing my thoughts there but, for whatever reason, it's as if the subject of my pondering is there somewhere under the surface within my psyche and, as if suddenly, I'll get an insight or a thought or some form of clarity around whatever it is I might be pondering/mulling over/seeking a decision on.

It might be a question like "What do I want my blog to look like one year from now?", or even something more trivial like "Do I want to go out for dinner tonight with mum, or should I stay in, instead?”

PS. The above two examples are two questions I have been mulling over in the here and now.

It's like I'm more grounded in both my head and my body, and so my intuition (body*) and my logic (mind*) are more 'reliable', I am able to access them more easily - and without a sense of overwhelm or confusion.

[*To me, logic feels like it's in my mind, whereas my intuition feels like it's in my body.]

For you, it might not be a case of having to go to the gym and sitting in the spa afterwards. You might find your calm, your stillness, your ideal 'state' from where you find clarity, some other way.

In my experience, though, here are some ideas to incorporate some of that calm and get to that more balanced 'state' from which clarity arises:

- yoga/meditation (super-cliched, but it works for me)
- in the morning, soon after waking up
- during, or after, writing/journalling of some kind
- with gentle, relaxing music (I’m currently listening to my ‘movie music’ playlist on Spotify)

The key is anything which settles your mind and your body, and helps you feel calm, at ease and grounded.

So, given all of the above, here are my learnings to take forward with me:

- I want to carve out more time each day for a gym workout or movement of some kind (and a short time afterwards in the spa where I can)
- Where I've had what feels like a busy afternoon/evening (whether on the computer or out socialising), 10mins of the Calm meditation app before bed is a very good idea

Now, a couple of things to ask yourself:

1. Under what circumstances do moments of calm or clarity happen for you?
After you’ve done a certain activity, perhaps? Or at a certain time of day?
How can you make more of these moments happen for you?

2. What can you do to incorporate more feelings of groundedness into your life?

some other things...

☀️ Some good news…
When I worked in the City, I used to devour the (free) commuter newspapers, with the same news, each way. I am a lot more conscious about the news I consume now, choosing things like Positive.News instead. I talk about my transition away from ‘regular news’ in this short piece. It’s great to see more publications changing the sort of ‘news’ that is reported, and I also recently discovered GoodGoodGood thanks to my friend, and fellow INF, Jae.

😶 Shame and guilt
These emotions have been described as two of the most burden-some that exist. I stumbled across a 13-min podcast on Shame, Guilt and Embarrassment by the Anxious Therapist, talking about how we can move through it and sharing a powerful affirmation that might help. Listen to the episode here.

🏄🏽‍♂️ A dash of confidence
I have recently realised that one of the reasons I watch Mixed Martial Arts when it’s on is the raw emotions I experience when watching it. You can really feel them. Before a recent main-event fight, Israel Adesanya put on display an entrance of the kind I’ve never seen before. For him to do this, as the underdog, before the biggest fight of his career, and in front of the biggest attendance in UFC history, is just… something else. Here it is (the fighter emerges around 1 minute in). PS. If the video is unavailable in your country, type ‘Israel Adesanya entrance’ on YouTube, and you should find some alternatives.

And finally…

💁🏽‍♂️ I was on a podcast…
In case you missed it, I was recently on a podcast with a fellow introvert, the lovely Cat @ TheCreativeIntrovert, where I talked all about being a highly sensitive introvert… AKA, an INFP! I have a hunch you’ll be able to resonate with some of the stuff I talk about. Listen to the episode over here.



photo:  INFJoe

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