1:1 Coaching for INFPs

1:1 Coaching for INFPs

I am now offering coaching to help INFPs connect with themselves, find clarity and move forward.

I am an INFP myself, and I’ve now been curating INF Club for almost a year and a half (and blogging about introverts since 2015). I can also draw upon my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (“the science of happiness”).

Perhaps one or more of these things might currently apply to you:

- You’re feeling overwhelmed or frazzled

- You’re feeling stuck, frustrated or in a procrastination-cycle

- You feel unable to see projects through to the end, and you give yourself a hard time for it

- You’re navigating a career or life change of some kind, or know something needs to change but you have no idea (or just a vague idea) about where to start

- You’re working on a writing/other creative project, and you’re experiencing resistance or a block of some kind

- You lack others in your life who you feel understand your type/your nature, or who you feel comfortable expressing your authentic self around

- You’re not entirely sure who your authentic self is, though you get glimpses of it now and then

In the past, I was confused about what coaching was. I thought it needed to follow this defined roadmap and give you clear instructions that smoothly moved you from A to Z and voila, all done. If you’re looking for thatsort of coach, someone to give you “the formula”, I’m not the coach for you.

But if you’re looking for an INFP coach who will help you to:

- Connect with and utilise your natural intuition

- Uncover what it is you really want, and how to move forward

- Implement habits and practices that will serve you better

- Connect with your authentic self

- Find a path forward that feels aligned with you

- Feel clearer, more focused and less frazzled

I am so the coach for you.

I typically carry out sessions over Zoom; clients can choose whether they’d like these to be with video or using audio-only.

I offer single sessions, or bundles of 4 sessions. Each session is 1 hour.

1 session = $90 each

4 sessions = $300 ($75 each)

Contact me today
To see if we could be a good fit, email me at jas@infclub.net. 😊

PS. If you're an INFJ reading this and feeling "the pull", I'd love to hear from you too.



Last updated: November 2020

photo: Jamie Street

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