Mastermind programme

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Find details for the Spring 2021 programme below.

👥 A 10-week programme that'll give you the space for reflection, support and gentle accountability for your creative project or business, whether you're working on something already OR starting something new.

⭐ Who was it for?

INFPs, INFJs and other iNtuitives who have a writing/creative project or business that they are working on currently, or have something that they wish to start.

⭐ How did the Mastermind Programme work?

After a 1:1 call with Jas, you will be matched with 2-3 fellow INFs/iNtuitives, and meet each week over a video call. With the simple format for each 'meeting', and the consistency of meeting every week, you'll get to experience the magic of a Mastermind, and move forward - wherever you are 'at', right now.

⭐ How did 'matching' work?

I use the 1:1 call to find out more about you, what you are looking for, and your availabilility. This helps me match you with best group for you. If for any reason I can't match you (due to the Programme being over-subscribed or for any other reason) you will receive a full refund with the opportunity to re-apply for the next Programme.

⭐ What was needed to take part?

Just an willingness to show up each week and engage with the Mastermind experience :) Apart from that, just an internet connection and a laptop/computer with a webcam.

⭐ What if something comes up & I can't attend one week?

This is a weekly committment, but sometimes life happens. It isn't the end of the world if you miss a week, but it's encouraged that you attend every week so that you - and your group - get the most from the Programme.

⭐ What was included?

⭐ Final bits / more information

Spaces will be limited due to the logistics/time taken to put the programme together. I can typically accommodate putting together 4 or 5 of these Mastermind groups (= 20 spaces max).

You can find details for the Spring 2021 Programme here, and read what participants of the 2020 Programme said, here.

ℹ️ To be invited to join the next Mastermind Programme in Autumn/Fall 2021, subscribe to the newsletter.

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