Member FAQs

What does my membership come with?

- Access to a private forum
- Monthly gatherings (YouTube livestreams/Whereby events)
- Free tickets to attend workshops (+ replays in the Library; see below)
- Club Library: recordings for monthly livestreams and workshops

Getting started:

1) Here's the welcome page for members

2) Here's your one-stop-shop: the Members' Hub

Oo, options... where do I actually begin?

I would start with getting involved in forum conversations, and then registering for a monthly gathering.

Signing in: To access the Members' Hub, you'll first need to sign in.
Simply enter your email address and click the 'magic link' you are sent

How do I access the forum?

It's easy :) Here's how.

How do I update my details or make changes to my account?

Just visit

Have any other questions?

Just email :)



Last updated: March 2021

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