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some thoughts on building a community for INFJs & INFPs

So I've been thinking these last couple of weeks about INF club. I think there's something about this time of year where I just want to slow down and think about stuff, rather than rush around and "do" things (though I'm not much of a rush-er in general, in all honesty).

What I've realised is that I've really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and feelings, and it's been so nice to see more and more INFs reading the blog and interacting with INF club on Twitter.

However, I have been feeling more and more that I don't want it to just be about me sharing *my* stories and perspectives and ramblings. As much as I like doing that, and I love to share things with INFPs and INFJs and get their feedback on it, I've been thinking “how can I mix things up a little?”

How can I get other voices heard?

How can I make this more about us, the collective, and tap into the many, many stories and perspectives, rather than just mine?

I honestly think that we have more to share and offer one another, as a collective, rather than any individual one of us existing/talking/sharing in isolation.

So, it feels like interviews make a lot of sense.

I actually did a couple of those in the blog's early days (here and here) and then they, well, fizzled out. For whatever reason, I decided to focus more on my own writing, than sharing the stories of others.

Now, as we head into 2020 (the end of the decade!), I'd like to explore doing the opposite; with more of a focus on interviews, with a sprinkling of my personal pieces on top, as well as those other bits & bobs I’ve been sharing at the bottom.

Let’s see how things go*, but I've already started reaching out to a handful of you to ask you if you'd be interested in taking part in an interview.

I'm hoping to re-vamp the interviews and bring you some really fun and meaningful conversations.

In the meantime:

- If you'd like to be interviewed, let me know! Just hit 'reply' (if you're a [subscriber]), email jasraj.s.hothi@gmail.com, or tweet me @inf_club.

- If you have any suggestions for folks to interview, or questions you'd like to ask your follow INFPs and INFJs, also get in touch as per the above! I'd love to hear your ideas, whatever they are.

I'm hoping to bring interviews with a diverse bunch of folks - INFPs, INFJs and maybe others too. (So, if you know someone awesome who isn’t necessarily an INF-type, I’m all ears!).

*I'm really good at getting really excited about something, going at it gung-ho, and then falling flat on my face. So 'going with the flow' is a better vibe for me!

See you next time… we’re just 10 days away from Christmas Eve now, and only two-and-a-half weeks from 2020. Sheesh.

A musing

I'm realising more and more how this introvert thing is the opposite of clearcut.

As I alluded to last week, these labels are most certainly not of the fixed, black-and-white, set-in-stone variety.

There have been times where I've over-extended myself with 'peopling' too much, and I've felt it... re-charge needed.

Then there are times that I've had too little people time, like this week. I’ve spent much of it cooped-up indoorsI'm craving some social interaction this weekend. I've had a week of mostly indoors, head-down, laptop stuff... as much as I love my own company, I've been missing some nourishing people-time.

I am also realising that even a few minutes outside feels great (the Sun was out earlier, and I jumped at the chance).

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to seeing friends. Plans are still being formed, but I’ll either end up watching sport and playing some pool (or snooker, if we feel brave enough), or going to a Church carol service (or, though unlikely, perhaps both).

The moral of this short story is that - as introverts, we all need alone-time *and* people-time to stay happy and well. It’s about getting to know what sort of balance works for us… I still put myself through the extremes, though I’m getting better at adjusting the dials as it were and, where needed, intervening to give myself what I need. (Hence my being proactive with this weekend’s plans).

And lastly…

🎤 Do you want to be interviewed for a book on introverts?
Godwin Chan is an aspiring author who's currently writing his first nonfiction book, "Finding Success in Life as an Introvert," with the intent to publish in July 2020. He is looking for self-identified introverts who are interested in doing a 30-min interview to share their story. I took part recently, Godwin’s a lovely guy and we had a great conversation. If you're interested, you can contact him directly, for your chance to be featured in his book: godwin.chan37@gmail.com.



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