A conversation with Lauren Sapala (Part 3): Relationships & boundaries

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A conversation with Lauren Sapala (Part 3): Relationships & boundaries

I'm continuing to re-ground and wind-down as we approach the end of the year.

As I've been slowing down, I've been starting to reflect on how this year has gone, and what I would like 2021 to look like.

I'm not a rigid goal-setter, but I like setting intentions for the year ahead. Here are the ones I set for myself this time last year.

✏️ On Iceland + intentions for 2020

I am in the process of doing this same exercise for next year. I've realised that being intentional about the direction we want to go in is really important, whether that's setting clear-cut, tangible goals or being a little more fluid like I prefer to be.

And do take a moment to reflect on what's gone well for you this year. It has been an interesting year to say the least, and we always tend to forget to give ourselves credit for what we have accomplished, or the shifts we have made.

I just have a couple more newsletters to share with you this year (including this one) before I take a break over Christmas, and I'm delighted to bring you the third conversation in my series with Lauren Sapala.

Today's theme is a big one for INFPs and INFJs: relationships and boundaries.

Highlights include:

  • What relationships look like for Lauren & I
  • Why boundaries are so important for INFPs & INFJs
  • Learning to protect our energy
  • Resources that can help us

🎧 Listen now

📺 Watch now

I hope you enjoy listening in - Lauren shared several resources that might help you bring more awareness to boundaries and energy which you might find helpful when it comes to managing the people and the relationships in your life (they've gone straight onto my reading list).

Happy Friday,


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