A note for INFs who are figuring out or navigating a career change

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Issue 39

A note for INFs who are figuring out or navigating a career change

It was almost 5 years ago that I left my office Christmas Party early and I knew in my heart that my time working in the City had come to an end.

Through this strange year, it seems that many of us are feeling that we want to do something different, and to make a change in career that I know can feel all-too-overwhelming.

Today's piece was written with this in mind, and in follow-up to my last piece Permission to leap.

Here's why I don't look for answers anymore, and what I have learned to do instead. If you're an INF who is trying to figure out your path ahead, or otherwise make a life-related change of some kind, today's piece is for you.

Read: Why I don't look for answers anymore, and what I do instead

A written interview + podcast conversation with Beatrice Zornek (ENFJ)

I'm delighted to bring you my written interview and conversation with Beatrice Zornek.

Meet Beatrice:
Beatrice Zornek is a Certified Transformational Coach - she works with highly sensitive professional women who are outwardly successful, but deep down feel overwhelmed and uninspired in their work. She supports them to get clarity on the next step, so they can fall in love with work - and their life.

Read: A written interview with Beatrice Zornek

In our podcast conversation, we talk about:

  • Being disconnected from our emotions/bodies, and how we can re-connect
  • The link between our body, mind and emotions
  • Fatigue and auto-immune disorders
  • On readiness, timing and restoring balance
  • Beatrice's top 2 self-care tips
  • ...and more

🔉 Listen + subscribe, or ▶️ watch video

"The spiritual journey is much like a winding path through a thick forest. In order to make it through that mystical and dark forest, in order to walk the path less traveled, we must use both discernment and instinct. We must be fierce, courageous, and connected to both our logic and intuition – just like the wolf – for we are both sacred and wild."

- Luna & Sol, LonerWolf.com



PS. As I announced on last week's newsletter, members are invited to FOUR meetups this month, including 2 special write-alongs for #NaNoWriMo. The fun starts next week... join our community! 🤗

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