Bevin Niemann (INFJ) on intuitives, highly sensitives & empaths

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Bevin Niemann (INFJ) on intuitives, highly sensitives & empaths

My conversation with Bevin Niemann is now live on the podcast.

Bevin has an *abundance* to offer and share when it comes to the experiences and nuances of being an intuitive, highly sensitive or empath (who she collectively refers to as ‘perceptive souls’).


Bevin Niemann is a life purpose coach, spiritual teacher, speaker and writer who specializes in being a guide for intuitive empaths. Earlier this year, in March 2020, Bevin was the host of The Shift Network's Evolved Empath Global Summit, which reached over 33,000 perceptive souls across 105 countries. Bevin is also a co-founder of the 1 Million Empaths Global Community.

Bevin also had the rare opportunity to train directly with Elaine Aron, a pioneer in the studying the innate temperament trait of high sensitivty, and author of The Highly Sensitive Person (a game-changing book for me, and so many of us).

This conversation had so much in there, including:

- Bevin's journey as a perceptive soul
- How Intuitives (Ns) are outnumbered by Sensors (Ss)
- On sensitivity being a universal trait
- The distinctions and overlaps between intuitives, highly sensitives (HSPs) and empaths
- Bevin's techniques for clearing yourself of other people's energy
- and much more

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I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. Understanding my sensitivity and empathic nature has been at the very core of my journey, and it only seems to be deepening over time.

Wishing you a happy Friday,


PS. I’ve recently started reading Awakened Empath, by Aletheia Luna & Mateo Sol of LonerWolf, and I’m loving it. You can find it on their website and on Amazon.

And in case you missed it, I launched my coaching practice this week. If you might be interested in 1:1 support, I'd love for you to take a look.

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