Chris Porter on thriving as an intuitive, creative solopreneur

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Chris Porter on thriving as an intuitive, creative solopreneur

This week's newsletter is an extended edition, and is likely to be my penultimate one this year before I take a break for the holidays. Thank you for reading.

for members

Later today, members can enjoy my final livestream of the year Meditation & Journalling: Looking ahead to 2021, with prompts to help you seek clarity & inner guidance for next year. It's happening today, Friday 18th @ 6pm BST. If you're a member, find registration details over here.*

*please note today's session will be 40-45minutes in length, so slightly longer than the half-hour slot I set up for it in Calendly.

Louis Theroux & Sia (blog)

As an INF(P), I am naturally fascinated by people, and especially those who are creatives - especially so if I connect with their music... When it comes to those in the world of celebrity, with the walled 'showbiz veil', we only usually get little glimpses of someone's essence, and Sia is someone I have been interested in for a while.

✏️ Louis Theroux & Sia: my thoughts on their conversation

#40: Chris Porter on thriving as an intuitive, creative solopreneur (podcast)

Chris Porter is a multi-dimensional creative, specializing in web and product design for startups and small businesses. Based in LA, he enjoys solving problems, making music and taking photos.

Porter was my #1 most-played artist on Spotify this year... more on this below.

We talk about:

  • Porter's portfolio career as a creative freelancer and entrepreneur
  • How to honour our multiple interests vs not taking on too much
  • Managing our energy as intuitive introverts... and more.

🎙️ Listen | 📺 Watch

A written interview with Jenn Prine (blog)

Jenn is a commercial and media photographer/photojournalist, poet, writer and dreamer who believes in magic and LOVE.

✏️ A written interview with Jenn Prine (INFJ)

A written interview with Holly Richmond (blog)

Holly Richmond is a creative writer and intergalactic supervillain with a penchant for boston cream donuts, queer pop culture heroines, and cat snuggles.

✏️ A written interview with Holly Richmond (INFJ/ISFJ)

Spotify treats

Some calm & nourishing music for your soul:

Calm Christmas, by Sonesence / Tahlee Rouillon

Songs for Writing, by Shelby Forsythia

Jas's top songs of 2020, by Jas Hothi (me!)
Spotify has put together my top songs for me. You'll find a mix of calm/soothing and funky/upbeat in there; including music from this week's podcast guest, Porter, and from the above Songs for Writing playlist - both of which I often play on 'random'.

As always, thanks for reading,


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Episode 40: Chris Porter (INTJ) on thriving as an intuitive, creative solopreneur →

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