Finding happiness + clarity as INFPs and INFJs in 2021 (and beyond)

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Finding happiness + clarity as INFPs and INFJs in 2021 (and beyond)

So, today's newsletter is my final one this year, before I take a break as part of my ongoing self-care.

Speaking of which... taking a break and ongoing self-care are a couple of the themes I mention in my Happier guide, which I first put together for my IntrovertJedi blog back in 2019.

It contains gems that are still relevant to me today, and which I could have done with 5 or 10 years ago. It's something that I'm sure will serve me in the coming years, too.

Btw, you might spot some errors in the guide, which I unfortunately can't change as I managed to mis-place the original file 🙄 It's filled with lots of good stuff though, like:

  • My back-story, from childhood Jas to adult Jas (including pictures!)
  • My timeless tips for finding happiness as INFPs & INFJs (aka: who I called, at the time, highly sensitives and empaths)
  • The #1 most powerful thing you can do

(hint: it's to do with how you can come back into alignment with your authentic self... and how you can start doing this).

📖 Happier: a guide for sensitive introverts*

*INFPs & INFJs, that's you!

You can also 📺 watch or 🎧 listen to my narration of this guide.

Setting goals/intentions for 2021

I haven't (yet) written down a complete list of intentions for 2021, like I did last year and the year before, but in this month's Meditation & Journalling session, I explored 3 questions. Members can find a replay on the Members' Portal, and I've shared the questions I used, below.

You might also wish to use them to reflect, when it comes to thinking about your own goals or intentions for next year.

I'd suggest giving yourself 10 minutes to write down what comes to mind for each question; you can then come back to them later if you need, to re-reflect or write more.

1. What has gone well for you in 2020?
However big or small... write them all down. You'll probably be surprised.

2. What hasn't gone so well?
Was there too much or too little of something? Could you have done with adding more of, or eliminating, some things? Was there anything missing?

3. If you had to choose a "theme" you would to lean into in 2021, what would this be?
It might help to look back at this current year, and name a "theme" for 2020. Then, you can compare the your two themes (for this year, and next).

Bonus question:

4. How would you like to feel in 2021?
What are the emotions you would like to experience next year? Are there things you could endeavour to do each week (or not do), that could help you arrive at these feelings?

Cumulus: an animated short film

My friend Ioan Holland wrote, produced + directed Cumulus, a beautiful award-winning animated short film. Ioan and I went to school together, though we actually became friends later (a story for another time). He also happens to be an INFJ.

One-line synopsis: A rebellious girl follows a grumpy bird on an adventure in the clouds.

I was fortunate to attend the big-screen premiere back in 2018. It's the perfect family-friendly Christmas treat. 📺 Watch it here.

Save the date

Something to look forward to in the new year, my very first livestream of the new year. I'm hosting another Let's Write Together! session with Club member Anja - and you are invited.

The date & time to save is Sunday 10th January @ 5-7pm GMT (Don't worry, I'll be sending a reminder + registration link in the new year, too). In the meantime, you can re-live and write along to our last livestream.


If you get a moment to answer these 6 short questions, I'd be really grateful. You might help shape INF Club and the resources I produce next year 🙂

I hope you've enjoyed my newsletters over the course of this year, and being a part of INF Club.

I'm now going to be practising what I preach, and taking a break as part of my ongoing self-care (the very same I talk about in my Happier guide).

I'm looking forward to taking a break over the Christmas and holiday season to re-ground, re-charge, spend quality time here at home with my family, and just "be" for a while... so that I can come back in January feeling refeshed, energised and hopefully with a sense of calm and clarity.

Wishing you a restful and pleasant end to the year, and I'll see you in 2021 👋


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