INF Club newsletter - Issue 26

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INF Club newsletter - Issue 26

Switching off for the weekend (blog)

Back in my employed days, there was no need for this subject to even be on my mind. I was working long hours in a sales job in the City, with a commute to go with. At weekends, I was exhausted.

But, I was at home, so I could mostly* switch off and feel good, because I had a work/life boundary all my life up until that point; there was a clearer distinction between 'school' and 'home', and 'work' and 'home'. In general, weekdays were for working, weekends were for playing.

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Episode 21: what is an introvert, anyway? (podcast)

A solo show in which I re-visit, and add commentary to, the first article I ever wrote for INF club: 'What is an introvert, anyway?'

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3 more things

20 greatest mental health books, by Happiful

Can you exist outside the cult of social media?, by Rebekah Mallory

25 years after returning to Yellowstone, wolves have helped stabilize the ecosystem, by National Geographic (via GoodNewsletter)

ps. do you have a 'not-to-do list'? Taylor Pearson does.

And finally...

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

- Albert Einstein



Sent: Friday, 7th August, 2020

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