INF Club newsletter - Issue 27

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INF Club newsletter - Issue 27

A simple exercise to help you connect with what you want

Both before and after leaving my job, I did a bunch of research and reflection and it was sometime during this period, when I was trying to figure out what 'work' I wanted to do, that I came across this exercise that I'm going to share with you today.

I was reminded of this very exercise recently, when I interviewed my friend and digital nomad Elizabeth Miner for the podcast, after she told me that she uses this exercise with her coaching clients, and also does the exercise for herself a couple of times a year.

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Member interview: Peg Cheng (ENFJ)

I know it’s probably sacrilege to some folks, but I cancelled my Netflix this year. I had been a subscriber since the first year they opened--I think it was about 17 years ago or something like that--and had finally reached a point where I was spending more time searching for good shows to watch than actually watching shows.

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Episode 22: Peg Cheng on taking an experimental approach to life

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3 more things

Russell Brand: "I'm actually quite shy in what you might call normal social situations"

Taking a break from Blue Jay, by Kat Nicholls
I’ve decided to take a break, release the pressure on myself and give myself the space I need to figure out what I really want.

Ed Sheeran on anxiety, happiness and balance, via Hay House

And finally...

Last month, the late Robin Williams would have turned 69 and I came across this beautiful digital artwork piece.

created by: Josie DeVora, aka RoosterPOP

How many movie references can you find? There are 24 of them in total!

Find answers + buy a copy of the artwork here, and read Josie's original 2014 blog post here.



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A simple exercise to help you connect with what you want →

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