INF Club newsletter - Issue 28

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INF Club newsletter - Issue 28

Starting out on a lighter note this week...

TV moments that gave me the feels

Some of my favourite moments, from my favourite shows and sports on the television.

I've recently realised that a big reason for my enjoying watching sport so much is the energy you feel as a spectator. The energy from the crowd, from the commentators, and from the athletes themselves as they create magic, stories and headlines, and literally become someone new (or, rather, step into their potential), for us to witness on screen.

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Being an entrepreneur and an introvert

I was interviewed by my friend and digital nomad Elizabeth Miner recently for her Entrepreneurs IRL podcast, sharing the story of entrepreneurs making their way through 'the messy middle'.

We had a really refreshing conversation about the realities of being an entrepreneur vs the perceptions, which was Elizabeth's motivation behind starting this podcast in the first place.

We talked about how I first met Elizabeth in Portland, how I got to this point in my journey, why I don't feel like an entrepreneur, and the challenges I've experienced in 'doing my own thing' as a highly sensitive introvert.

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Member interview: Anja Schüler-Renner (INFJ)

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Episode 23: Anja Schüler-Renner (INFJ) on discovering who she really was

Anja is a writer living in Dresden, Germany with her three kids and her husband. She loves to play music, read and watch as many TV shows as she can. On the way, she is seeking alignment with her higher self.  

A wide-ranging conversation covering:
- Anja's rebellious teenage years (and why they were so)
- motherhood and meaningful work
- alcohol and people-pleasing
- journalling and night dreams
- blog and fiction writing

... and more.

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3 more things

Looking Back at the First Decade of Puttylike (via Puttylike)

Louise Hay's 'Inner Ding' (via Hay House)

Green Eggs & Ham was published 60 years ago (via @brianjayjones / twitter)

and finally...

Dave's thread explains why you might wish to switch to the privacy-friendly Firefox browser.

"Oh...I can't take HIS money, I can't print my OWN money, I have to WORK for money... Why don't I just lie down & die?!"

- Homer Simpson



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