Is the Mastermind Programme for me?

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Is the Mastermind Programme for me?

Hi everyone,

So one of the things I've realised is that there are a lot of us in the INF community who like to write ✍️. We journal, write blog posts, newsletters, stories, poems... all sorts of things. Or, we'd like to.

Some of us have a creative project(s) we are currently working on, others have started projects in the past, or maybe you're needing to start something completely new to get (back) into the swing of things. You might feel stuck in a day-job, and are craving the space for some creativity in your life.

Whatever your current situation is, I want to re-iterate this next point because it's important: if you are a writer, of whatever kind, the Mastermind Programme is for you.

Maybe you are wanting to start a regular journalling practice, or start a blog, or work on a book idea you've had for a while, or re-visit an old draft, start on something new, or move forward on an existing project you've been working on... but somewhere along the line you have lost momentum and hit the 'pause' button, or have otherwise found yourself in a 'lull'.

Masterminds are for you.

Or, perhaps you have a bunch of ideas, but you don't know exactly where to start. Again, a Mastermind can create the space for you to decide which 'thing' to get going on (and the 'matching call' you'll have with me before the Programme starts will also help you begin to uncover a specific direction to take).

If you are a writer or a creative who wants to move forward, the INF Club Mastermind Programme was designed with you in mind.

As we move into Spring, I hope you'll take the opportunity to give your creative life a boost and join the Programme ☀️


I'm also still taking questions, so if you have one - or more - that you'd like to ask me, please don't hesitate to send them my way.

Happy Wednesday :)


ps. Anja is just one of the writers who benefitted from last year's Mastermind Pilot Programme, and here's what she tweeted earlier today:

I took part in the last INF Club Mastermind Programme and found wonderful friends. We still meet regularly and chat. @jasraj0 has such a talent to bring the right people together. If you look for gentle support from like-minded people, this is the place to start. #INFJ #INFP
— AS Renner ✍️ (@ASRenner1)

[header photo: Toa Heftiba, via Unsplash]

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