INF newsletter - Issue 25

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INF club newsletter, Issue 25.

INF newsletter - Issue 25

Today, I've been playing tennis in the sweltering (by UK standards) heat here in the UK. I also caught up on last night's NBA action, the return to the basketball season after the break.

I've decided to experiment and return to the newsletter-issue style of, erm, newsletter(?) that I've sent out in previous weeks.

I also though I'd try a Friday newsletter instead of a Sunday one. My friend Cat does this, and Friday feels like a good day to send a newsletter. It means you can read it today, or whichever time over the weekend you like (plus, folks in Asia-Pac who receive my Sunday newsletter might only see it on Monday so it gives them a chance to enjoy it, too).

Welcome to all new subscribers who've joined this month. Just a reminder that you can find all previous content on the [archive]. I've got it on my list to add my previous newsletters to the archive, too (I'll keep you posted!).

Anyhow, let me know what you think of the new format (I'm all ears 😊), and here's this week's newsletter.

INF club news

INF club turned a year old this month. I put together a timeline of the journey here, and you can also watch the event I hosted for members here (YouTube). It's an hour long, so you might wish to grab a cup of ☕ =]

📺 INF Club - July 2020 update (video)

The Club has now moved into Version 3, which means:

a new website (I switched from Substack -> Ghost)

a Discourse forum (members)!
It's been nice to see introductions & conversations happening in there already (we're currently at ~50 forum members)

Mastermind groups (members). Earlier this month, after a process of registration + matching, the 1st cohort of INF member masterminds got started.

I've now added a 28-day free trial to membership - just select the 'monthly' plan and you'll see the free trial at checkout.

ps. I've also re-jigged the website's /about section. And you might have noticed the new INF club logo 🤗 I hope you like it. More on that in a future newsletter...

I left 'the city' 5 years ago...

Last month marked five years since I left my recruitment job in the City. Here, I share what I've been up to in that time and how much has changed, even if I'm not (yet) earning as much as I did 5 years ago.

"In a moment, it all came rushing back. I realised that I no longer had those dreaded Monday blues which had plagued me for so long. I remember them getting them as a teenager (school tomorrow), and then as an adult (work tomorrow). In that moment, I felt content - and I no longer had that Monday dread."

👉 5 years since leaving my corporate job... what's changed? (article)

In case you missed it last time...

Amongst everything that has happened for me in the last 5 years, there are probably two things which have impacted me more than anything, and they are connected.

  • To connect with and trust my intuition
  • To prioritise my self-care, and explore different ways of doing it

👉 Integrating self-care into my life (article)

Latest podcast episodes

Recently, I interviewed Club members John Davis and Amanda Linehan, and guest Godwin Chan.

▶️ Episode 20: John Davis on having the courage to express himself

▶️ Episode 19: Amanda Linehan* on productivity for INFPs

▶️ Episode 18: Godwin Chan* on thriving as a digital introvert

Listen + subscribe | Shownotes | *Watch on YouTube

Other bits I've enjoyed recently:

Olympic Secrets: Knitting is Tom Daley's Tokyo 2020 'secret weapon'
Olympic swimmer Tom Daley does yoga, visualisation... and knitting as part of his mindfulness routine

Saying No & Setting Boundaries for Introverts (YouTube)
by INF club member Aisha White

6 ways to practise self-love (Happiful magazine)

Jeremy Vine is highly sensitive (FB video)
The English broadcaster and presenter makes his confession in a 2018 Facebook post + video.

A concept I stumbled across and found interesting.

The 'Into the Wild' bus has been removed... (+ video)
The bus in which Chris McCandless lived and died at, made famous by John Krakauer's book 'Into the Wild', and the subsequent movie with the same title.

From the Twitterverse

I asked this on Twitter recently...

There were a bunch of responses, here are a couple of them:

And finally...

I think Elise might be onto something here... 🤔

"I am a genius... well, about some things. And other things I'm just... I'm very stupid."

- Michael Scott, US Office



Sent: Friday, 31st July, 2020.

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