On emotions + intuition (Issue 30)

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Insights and perspectives to help INFPs, INFJs, highly sensitives and intuitives live better.

On emotions + intuition (Issue 30)

On emotions + intuition

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Member interview: Michel Attah (INFJ)

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Episode 25: Michel Attah (INFJ) on the importance of self-confidence and self-care

Michel Attah is a life coach who helps sensitive leaders establish healthy boundaries, ensuring the sustainability of their craft and happiness. They're an INFJ who is soon-to-be-married to an INFP, as well as a parent to an 8-year-old. They like to kick it on the soccer field in their spare time.

A wide-ranging talk covering: sport, inter-personal dynamics, self-confidence, self-care, boundaries, Myers-Briggs and labels, and more.

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Feminine Energy: What Productivity is Missing (by ForteLabs)

How self-belief has shaped my life (by Kat Nicholls)

Why these young people are ditching traditional living for van life
(via BBC)

A too-ambitious approach to self-care can lead to the aforementioned burnout. If you decide to incorporate 30 minutes of meditation every day, a whole-new approach to eating, seven days of workouts, twice-daily journaling, hiring a therapist, hiring a coach, and quitting your job, you're not setting yourself up for a sustainable self-support practice over time. Can you do all of that at once? I don't doubt you can. 😉

I want to encourage you to find the elusive middle ground by starting slowly with one valiant act of self-support at the start.

- Leslie McDaniel

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