On a meaningful life, and a new conversation series with Lauren Sapala (Issue 33)

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On a meaningful life, and a new conversation series with Lauren Sapala (Issue 33)

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What does a meaningful life look like?

I feel it's helpful to ask yourself what a meaningful life truly is to you... It means that you're being kept 'on track' with living the life you want to live, or slowly head towards, rather than be carried along aimlessly in the current that is life.

āœļøļø What does a meaningful life look like?

Episode 28: A conversation with Lauren Sapala (part 1)

6 months after hosting a Summit together, I'm delighted to introduce a new series of conversations with my friend Lauren Sapala, an INFJ and coach who has been working with INFs, highly sensitives and intuitives for several years.

We're pretty much turning up and just seeing what unfolds in these hour-long, monthly conversations. In Part 1 we talked about our entrepreneurial journeys, the jobs we've both had, feeling out of place in society, anxiety and boundaries... and lots more!

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"Truth be told, I think I thrive under a lack of accountability."

- Michael Scott (US Office)



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