Kat Nicholls (INFJ) on discovering her self-worth

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Kat Nicholls (INFJ) on discovering her self-worth

My conversation with Kat Nicholls is now live on the podcast.


Kat Nicholls is a writer, podcaster and self-worth coach. Throughout all of her work her aim is to support people to find their worth, build self-belief and grow confidence so they can move past fear and live a life they love.

We talk about:
Kat's multi-potentialite career (partly day-job, partly own projects), her recovery from an eating disorder, her go-to self-belief and self-care practices, her evening wind-down routine, and more.

It was interesting - and timely - to listen back and hear Kat & I talking about content-scheduling and taking breaks; you'll see from Kat's recent blog and podcast activities (you'll find both on her website - link below), that she recently took some time off and has documented this. Having tried various 'schedules' up until now, I've been thinking about my own scheduling (or, not-so-scheduling) for INF Club next year. In a similar vein, I'm intending to take at least a couple of weeks off from mid-December.

By signing up to Kat's newsletter, you'll also receive a free workbook, Growth Spurt - to help you identify limiting beliefs and start your growth journey.

You can also find a written interview with Kat, in the Shownotes below.

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Happy Friday,


PS. My friend Lynnda Pollio's multi-award winning book, Trusting The Currents is currently available at the discounted price of just $0.99 for the e-book version. This is one of my favourites reads of the year, beautiful and full of wisdom (the genre? Appropriately named Visionary Fiction). I feel like its one of those books that will offer something a little different to each person who reads it. Pick up your copy here - from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks & Kindle (the discount applies to all e-book copies).

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