On feeling 'creative' / a helpful mantra I use

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On feeling 'creative' / a helpful mantra I use


And I don't often begin my newsletters in this way, but my goodness... It's been a while since I shared a blog piece with you. The one I'm sharing today is the first one this year, in fact.

In recent weeks, you might have noticed from INF Club's website/podcast/twitter account that the messaging behind the Club has honed a little.

This has happened as I've realised more of who I'd like INF Club to serve, as well as noticing who the Club is attracting. Thankfully, those two things appear to be in sync.

INF Club is a place for INFP and INFJs writers and creatives. You might be working on a casual project or a business, or treading that place in between. (INF Club wasn't making any money until just over a year ago and, if I'm being honest, it's only started to feel like a business in recent weeks... perhaps as I've grown as a person this last year, or perhaps with the recent launch of my first paid programme).

So, really, this is quite meta. I am treading the same path as many of you who are reading this very newsletter. Whether you are running casual project or a business, what I am passionate about is two big things:

1. Creation
Expressing and sharing pieces of yourself in a way that's meaningful to you (perhaps through a blog, a book, a course, something else from my blog piece below, or a combination of things... many of us are multi-passionates, after all)

2. Distribution
Sharing this work of yours with the world, whether it's currently your intention to make money from doing so or not. If you fall into the former category, you might know this part better as 'marketing'.

All of that to say, welcome to the Club. And thank you for being here along with me for the ride, as I navigate my own creative path, and all the bumps and joys along the way. I've kinda realised that those two things come as a pair, so here's to more of those bumps and joys...


Whatever is your 'type' of creative, here are some of the things you might have to contend with, and a mantra that might help you.

📝 On feeling 'creative' / a helpful mantra I use


Chrissa is a writer, an editor, and a creative coach based out of Incline Village in Lake Tahoe.

We talk about:

  • Chrissa's eventful year, including a career shift, moving state and getting married
  • The challenges of going from 'employed work' to 'doing your own thing', and how Chrissa structures her day
  • The lifestyle benefits of being in 'flow', and why Chrissa is fascinated by this concept
  • Digital minimalism and information consumption
  • Balancing and integrating 'being productive' vs 'being explorative'

🎧 Subscribe + listen on the go, or search INF Club in your preferred podcast player.



writer, creative coach, INFP | jasraj.me

ps. Last week, Geldingardalur volcano started erupting in Iceland after being dormant for 6,000 years. You can watch the eruption happening live, here.

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