Rick Rigdon on starting his 'Mystical Bear' blog to overcome PTSD, depression & anxiety

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This week's podcast conversation is with Rick Rigdon, who describes his Mystical Bear blog as:

"An experiment to help overcome PTSD, depression, and anxiety. A way to rediscover the voice lost years ago. A motivational tool to help write the novel that's haunted me for years. Mystical Bear is all this and more. I invite you to join me on this journey. I'm not promising an easy go of it, but hopefully you'll find it worthwhile. And just maybe you'll find ways to deal with some of your own darkness through the written word."

We talked about things like:

  • Rick's experiences with conventional therapy; what worked for him & what didn't
  • Breathwork: one of the modalities that helped Rick the most
  • The importance of having a creative outlet to manage his depression
  • Rick's fiction project / the origins of the story he is writing
  • Why Rick decided to start his MysticalBear blog & how sharing his experiences online has helped him so far

You can ⏳ watch my 4-minute episode intro, or:

📺 WATCH in full | 🔉 LISTEN in full

🧸 And do also check out Rick's blog, Mystical Bear. When I stumbled across it a few weeks back, I just knew I had to reach out and invite him onto the podcast.

Happy Sunday,


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