The importance of going into our bodies, with Ria Elizabeth

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The importance of going into our bodies, with Ria Elizabeth

This week, I'm delighted to bring you my written interview and podcast conversation with Ria Elizabeth (INFP), a women's depression coach.

The story behind how we came to talking is pretty cool, in fact it started a few years with a post I wrote back in 2015 right after leaving my corporate job.

I talk about this in the episode intro, and I hope you love listening to our conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it with Ria.

Meet Ria
Ria is a Women's Depression Coach. She uses powerful intuition-led coaching techniques & embodiment principles to guide her clients into a life full of possibility and joy. She is super passionate about her work as it initially helped her overcome her own depression, anxiety and binge-eating disorder. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and two children. Some of her greatest joys are eating chocolate ice cream, being in nature, and intuitively dancing.

Our conversation in brief
In this episode, we talk about: Ria's journey with depression and mental/emotional/spiritual health, the importance of going into our bodies, emotions and emotional patterns, vices and attachments, and more.

🔉 Listen: A conversation with Ria Elizabeth (INFP)

▶️ Watch on YouTube

And don't forget to read our pre-podcast written interview. Here's a sneak peek:

👉 A written interview with Ria Elizabeth (INFP)

"Depression is a calling to come back home to yourself."

- Ria Elizabeth

Happy Friday,


PS. Last week, I shared 3 virtual events with you; in fact, The Gathering of the Creatives ordinarily takes place in Sante Fe, New Mexico. It is the Gathering of the Shamans that takes place in Sedona, Arizona. 🙂

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