The INF post: things happening in the community lately

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The INF post: things happening in the community lately

Hi everyone,

How are you feeling right now? I posed this question recently to the IndieHackers community I am a part of, and some of the replies were quite enlightening.

It's a really simple-yet-profound question to ask yourself.

The last few days have been eventful for me, as I made the decision to close INF Club membership. It was a decision which wasn't easy but felt right. Here's the update I shared with members last week:

πŸ“ Taking a pause

My commitment to the Club, though, is greater than ever. I'll keep putting together the newsletter, whilst I gently decide on which direction to take as a business. That's how I can offer value to other INF indies (writers and creatives) here, in a way that feels good and sustainable to me.

Whether you've been following the INF Club journey since the beginning, or you've only recently subscribed, I thank you for being here and welcome you with a warm smile 😊

My friend Lynnda recently emailed me to say the following:

"I really think you are in the right spot at the right time as people allow their sensitive selves to emerge."

It feels like there has been a shift in the last couple of years, and it does feel like the pandemic has been a "turning point" for folks who are realising that their traditional lives aren't working from them, and want to create a life - and work - that's meaningful to them.

Are you one of these people? I'd love to hear what's been going on for you in these recent weeks and months. Feel free to write back :) Β 

Lastly, I leave you with the words Lynnda signed off her email with: Β 

"I share your passion for creating art and marketing art. And I think we will find it’s a community endeavor."

I could not agree more. And with that in mind, I hope you enjoy exploring the latest curated tidbits from the INF & wider intuitive community.

πŸ“° the INF post

1. Energy Healing for Empaths
A new book, by Lisa Campion

2. Resources for INFs
A twitter list, by Jenny Dobson (INFJ)

3. 13 best resources for writers and creatives of the INFP and INFJ personality type
A blog post, by Lauren Sapala (INFJ)

4. Outside of the outside of the box #36
A newsletter, by Kendra Patterson INFP)

5. Am I an empath?
A blog post, by JA Plosker (INFJ)

6. The Highly Sensitive Creative
A newsletter, by Ritu Kaushal (INFP)

7. Kickstart your journaling practice in 14 days
Unlock the benefits of journalling with this 14-day course delivered to your smartphone via SMS or WhatsApp, by Thomas Deneuville

8. Productivity for INFPs
A free mini-course, by Amanda Linehan (INFP)

9. Finding Annie
A finalist in the Independent Author Network's 'Book of the Year' award, by Katherine Turner (INFJ)

10. Leave Social Anxiety at Home
A course, by Roxana Alexandru (INFJ)

11. How to write a book and still respect yourself in the morning
A blog post, by Rebekah Mallory (INFJ)

12. The Seekers' Sanctuary
Previously called Sonesence, an expanding library of meditones music to help you cultivate calm and live deeply, by Tahlee Rouillon (ENFJ)

13. I want to make more money
A newsletter, by Kat Nicholls (INFJ)

14. Serenity Island
An immersive programme by Andy Mort

15. The Angry Noodle: personality quizzes
3 fun quizzes, by Bryanna Gary (INFP)

16. Envision Planning Retreat
An online retreat to help with your financial well-being, by Leisa Peterson

17. Tarot Touchstone
A new series by Peg Cheng (ENFJ)

18. Late bloomers
A podcast conversation between Andy Mort & Kendra Patterson

19. Carol Beth Anderson's book release
An indie author celebrating her book release... on TikTok

20. As an INFP/INFJ, what's the biggest struggle you have?
A twitter thread, via INF Club

πŸŽ™οΈ #52: Giving yourself permission to create (solo)

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a couple more things

  • As part of being more digitally intentional, I've been exploring a couple of RSS/email tools: Feedly and MailBrew
  • Dave Smyth shares why he doesn't follow anyone on Twitter, using Lists instead
  • WDS X has been postponed for a second time, until 2022. After my memorable experience there five years ago, I have my eye on returning to Portland, Oregon for the last ever WDS next year. Here's how you can secure your ticket.

Happy Sunday,


ps. Have you been experiencing a transition or a shift in recent weeks, during the pandemic? Hit reply to write back, I'd love to hear what's been going on for you

πŸ‘€ Jas Hothi is an INFP, writer & teacher. He curates INF Club, a place for INFP & INFJ creatives who want to live better. Subscribe to his newsletter and you'll receive Happier, an e-book sharing how he navigated his transition away from conventional '9-to-5' life & began his creative, heart-based journey.

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