The lessons I've learned from 6 years of blogging

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So I'm writing today's newsletter from Porto Santo, a small island off of Madeira, a couple of hours away by ferry. As my Madeiran adventure approaches an end, I'm starting to reflect on my trip so far and how I would like my last few days here to be.

In case you haven't seen it already, I have been documenting my trip on my digital journal, and you can listen to me recalling my first month here on the podcast.

This week marked by 6-year blogging anniversary. I started writing to process my thoughts and feelings after leaving my recruitment job in the City. This was the first piece I wrote and put "out there". It's pretty cool for me to read it back, actually. (I link to the piece at the start of today's post, below).

So, I decided to reflect on my blogging journey so far and some of the things I've learned along the way.

I feel, oftentimes, we can give ourselves a hard time when it comes to blogging. Today's piece covers the things I've learned that have helped me step into blogging in a healthy way, and navigate writing from an authentic place alongside the commitment I have made to my blogging practice.

There are tips both for getting those getting started, and for those who might have been writing on a blog for a while.

📝 Lessons from 6 years of blogging

I hope you're having a peaceful Sunday,


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