episode #17: Aisha White on marketing, communication & creative expression

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A conversation with Aisha White (INFJ) on marketing, communication & creative expression.

episode #17: Aisha White on marketing, communication & creative expression

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Aisha’s bio:
Aisha White is an INFJ and native of the state of Georgia. A full-time digital marketer, she uses her downtime for creative expression through mediums that vary from writing and painting to producing videos online. She is fascinated by human interaction and finds inspiration in faith, films, art and lovely lyrics.

Personality type:

Written interview:
✏️Aisha's written interview

What we talk about:

  1. Experiences with schooling, and growing up in general
  2. Family, upbringing, and working from the age of 15
  3. On learning
  4. On being told 'you're so quiet!' and awkward moments
  5. Personality theory & typology
  6. Comparisons between INFJs and INFPs
  7. On writing, poetry and creative projects
  8. On career, Aisha's marketing job, and storytelling (plus, Madmen!)
  9. On intuition vs 'facts' ('I think' vs 'I feel')
  10. On self-care: feelings & emotions, experiencing art, photography, and resting
  11. Communication and boundaries

Melanie Douglas (INFP) -> YouTube channel
Leslie McDaniel (an INFJ coach)
Carl Jung (Wikipedia)
Mad Men TV series (Wikipedia)
Aisha's video: Saying No & Setting Boundaries for Introverts (YouTube)

Connect with Aisha
Website: https://whitehottact.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/002themoon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsaishawhite
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsaishawhite/
Email: whitehottact@gmail.com

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