episode #18: Godwin Chan on thriving as a digital introvert

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A conversation with Godwin Chan, an events manager, podcaster and writer.

episode #18: Godwin Chan on thriving as a digital introvert

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Godwin’s bio*:
Godwin has three years of experience in nonprofit organization management, event planning, and molecular biology and bioinformatics research. He's the host of the "Digital Introverts" podcast, a show where introverts share their success and failure stories and discuss how they thrive in the digital age. In addition, Godwin is writing his first book, titled “Digital Introverts: Why Today's Most Successful Individuals Harness Introversion to Thrive," which is expected to be published in April 2021.

The vision of the Digital Introverts brand is to be the world’s largest network of highly ambitious and driven introverts, and the mission is to empower a million introverts globally.

*Godwin's bio has been amended since the podcast recording first aired.

Personality type:
Interestingly, Godwin came out as an ESTJ when he last took the MBTI test. However, he believes that he's an introvert who has become 'less introverted' over time, and is perhaps more of an 'ambivert' these days.

What we talk about:
1. On realising he was an introvert + other early life experiences
2. Self-awareness, strengths & weaknesses
3. Godwin's growth journey, and learning to embrace some more extroverted tendencies
4. His journey from feeling shy/socially awkward to running events
5. How to approach networking ('connecting with others')
6. The advantages of being a (digital) introvert: deep connections (quality > quantity)
7. Beyond digital: the importance of connecting in real life
8. Thoughts on digital nomadism
9. Godwin's podcast and experience with writing his book
10. Public speaking as an introvert


Susan Cain
-> Book: Quiet
-> TED Talk: The power of introverts

Chris Guillebeau
-> Website + blog
-> Book: The $100 Startup
-> Conference: World Domination Summit (WDS)

Nir Eyal
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7in7 Digital Nomad Conference
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-> Rosie Sherry: website | Twitter

Eric Koester
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-> Georgetown University bio

Connect with Godwin:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/godwinhschan
Twitter: twitter.com/godwinhschan
Instagram: instagram.com/godwinhschan
Facebook: facebook.com/godwinhschan
Medium: medium.com/@godwinhschan
Podcast: linktr.ee/digiintroshow
YouTube: youtube.com/user/godwinhoksumchan

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