episode #19: Amanda Linehan on productivity for INFPs

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A conversation with Amanda Linehan (INFP), a fiction writer and indie author.

episode #19: Amanda Linehan on productivity for INFPs

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Amanda’s bio:
Amanda Linehan is the author of Productivity For INFPs. She is a fiction writer, indie author and INFP, and has published five novels, one non-fiction book, six short stories and two short story collections since 2012. Her short fiction has also been published in Every Day Fiction and in the Beach Life anthology published by Cat & Mouse Press.

Personality type:

Written interview:
Amanda was the INF club's 1st ever written interviewee back in August 2019. Here's our short interview.

What we talk about:

  1. How Amanda ended up writing a book about productivity, after traditional advice wasn't working for her
  2. Feeling "the pull" vs pushing yourself
  3. Using self-imposed deadlines to nudge forward & combat procrastination/perfection
  4. How Amanda juggles her projects, and plans her weeks/days
  5. The benefits of yoga and Qigong - "mental clarity"
  6. Mental lists and calendar entries
  7. Writing about INFPs & Amanda's 'for INFPs' newsletter
  8. Amanda's book, Productivity for INFPs
  9. 'Circular productivity' and how having variety works well for Amanda
  10. The differences between marketing non-fiction vs fiction
  11. Amanda's current fiction works-in-progress, & standalone vs serialised stories
  12. Amanda's life prior to being an author: the transition to 'doing your own thing'
  13. Amanda's blackboard

Amanda's book: Productivity for INFPs
Lauren Sapala
Amanda's article: Using Deadlines To Combat Perfectionism
Gretchen Rubin: The Four Tendencies
Amanda's newsletter: For INFP's
Introvert, Dear: a community for introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs)
Article: Why Routines Are So Important for INFPs
Amanda's article: Circular Productivity: When To Switch Activities

Connect with Amanda:
Website: http://amandalinehan.com/
'Productivity For INFPs' book: https://amandalinehan.com/new-book-release-productivity-for-infps/
INFP newsletter: https://amandalinehan.com/for-infps-newsletter/
Fiction newsletter: https://amandalinehan.com/newsletter/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/amandalinehan

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