episode #22: Peg Cheng (ENFJ) on taking an experimental approach to life

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A conversation with Peg Cheng (ENFJ), an eclectic author, intuitive career adviser, and dedicated dreamer.

episode #22: Peg Cheng (ENFJ) on taking an experimental approach to life

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In brief

A wide-ranging talk covering career experimentation/Peg's many jobs, being a multi-potentialite/scanner, immigrant family experiences, auto-immune disorders and body health, transitioning from employed to self-employed, intuition, digital detoxing, and more.

Peg's bio

Peg Cheng is an eclectic author, intuitive career adviser, and dedicated dreamer living in Seattle, Washington. Before becoming a creative entrepreneur, she worked in 35 jobs including fabric cutter, public toilet researcher, career counselor, academic adviser, and prelaw adviser. She spends her time reading, journaling, writing stories, making art, exploring nature, helping people survive and thrive, running Plaid Frog Press with her husband Marcus and pal Froggy, and looking for awe in everyday life.

Personality type


What we talk about

  1. Peg's 35 jobs, generalists vs scanners
  2. Immigrant family experiences, expectations, pressures and "rules"
  3. Auto-immune disorders: nature or nurture?
  4. Peg's journey to discovering and managing her body health
  5. Employed vs self-employed, and why Peg left the employed world
  6. When Peg's intuition shows up & what it's like (with examples)
  7. 'The path is the gift'; aka, the present moment is what it's all about
  8. One of the differences between E/INFJs
  9. Peg's digital detox
  10. Plaid Frog Press, Peg's indie press and shop

Emilie Wapnick
- website

Barbara Sher
- website

Crazy Rich Asians
- book
- movie

Small intestinal bacterial (SIBO)
- wikipedia

Peg's stuff:
- The Path Is the Gift (article)
- Digital Detox 30-Day Update (article)
- PlaidFrogPress (Etsy shop)

Cal Newport
- website
- books (including Digital Minimalism and Deep Work)

Connect with Peg

Website -> https://www.pegcheng.com/
Twitter -> https://twitter.com/pegcheng
Blog -> https://www.etsy.com/shop/PlaidFrogPress
Plaid Frog Press -> http://pegcheng.com/blog

✏️ see also: Peg's written interview

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