episode #23: Anja Schüler-Renner (INFJ) on discovering who she really was

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A conversation with Anja Schüler-Renner (INFJ), a writer living in Dresden, Germany.

episode #23: Anja Schüler-Renner (INFJ) on discovering who she really was

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In brief

A wide-ranging talk covering: teenage years and student jobs, motherhood, meaningful work, alcohol, people-pleasing, journalling and night dreams, blog and fiction writing, and more.

Anja's bio

Anja is a writer living in Dresden, Germany with her three kids and her husband. She loves to play music, read and watch as many TV shows as she can. On the way, she is seeking alignment with her higher self.

Personality type


What we talk about

  1. On Anja's student job in a call centre... as someone who doesn't enjoy talking to strangers on the phone
  2. On joining a Buddhist meditation group with Anja's (ENFJ) husband
  3. On motherhood and the changes, emotions and realizations this brought up
  4. On working and being a mother; the need to care and have meaning at work
  5. On being a rebellious teenager and learning to express oneself within a family that doesn't talk about emotions
  6. On alcohol and why we drink
  7. On (not) people-pleasing, saying 'no' and allowing others to be angry
  8. On teenage diaries, journalling, and night dreams
  9. On fiction/blog writing, and writing by hand vs typing up
  10. On Anja's travels to the UK
  11. Anja's fiction works-in-progress, and giving herself the permission to write in her own way

Lauren Sapala
- Intuitive Writing (video course)

Ritu Kaushal
- The Empath's Journey (book)

Jacob Nordby
- Creative Self Journal (free gift)

Julia Cameron
- Morning Pages

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)
- website

Joanna Penn
- website

Connect with Anja

Website (German) -> https://www.asrenner.com/
Website (English) -> https://en.asrenner.com/
Twitter -> https://twitter.com/ASRenner1
Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/asrenner1/

✏️ see also: Anja's written interview

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