episode #26: Elizabeth Miner on 'doing the things you cannot not do'

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A podcast conversation with Elizabeth Miner, an author, speaker, and international business and life coach.

episode #26: Elizabeth Miner on 'doing the things you cannot not do'

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In brief

A wide-ranging conversation, covering: location independence / digital nomadism, Elizabeth’s work as a life coach and how she made the transition to location independence, one of Elizabeth’s favourite places – Santa Marta, Colombia – and the communities she has built there, balancing vision and goal-setting with letting things unfold, the clarifying exercise Elizabeth does to check in with herself a couple of times a year, uncertainty and change, and more.

Elizabeth's bio

Overcoming adversity, circumstances and expectations, Elizabeth rose from poverty to become a Senior Corporate Paralegal in one of the most iconic companies in the world. Today Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of Thrive This Day, inspiring people to challenge their ideas of what is possible in their lives.

Elizabeth is an Author, Speaker, International Business and Life Coach who believes impossible is simply an invitation to challenge expectations.

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What we talk about

  1. On ‘Live Your Legend’ and ‘doing the things you cannot not do’ (and how Elizabeth & I first met at a LYL meetup)
  2. On being location independent (aka a ‘digital nomad’), and what Elizabeth’s life looks like
  3. On Elizabeth’s work as a life coach, and how the transition to location independence happened
  4. On the balance between vision & goal-setting, and letting things unfold
  5. On the clarifying exercise Elizabeth does twice a year
  6. On uncertainty and change, vs chaos
  7. On Elizabeth’s return to the US pre-lockdown
  8. On living in Colombia for 6 months, and building communities there
  9. On Elizabeth’s current projects
  10. On the importance of multiple income streams

World Domination Summit
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- Website
- Scott Dinsmore’s TEDx Talk (TED link)
- Scott Dinsmore's TEDx Talk (YouTube link)

Corbett Barr
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Connect with Elizabeth

Website -> https://www.thrivethisday.com/
Facebook -> http://facebook.com/thrivethisday
Instagram -> http://instagram.com/thrivethisday
Twitter -> https://twitter.com/thrivethisday
Book -> The Flipside of Failure (Amazon USA | Amazon UK)
Podcast -> Entrepreneurs IRL

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