Episode #29: Shantheri Mallaya (INFJ/INFP) on feeling like she didn't belong

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A conversation with Shantheri Mallaya (INFJ/INFP).

Episode #29: Shantheri Mallaya (INFJ/INFP) on feeling like she didn't belong

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In brief

A wide-ranging conversation, covering: Shantheri’s discovery that she was an introvert – despite having a sociable side to her persona, cultural and familial expectations, the feeling of not belonging, 1st & 2nd careers and sabbaticals, intuition, decluttering and more.

Shantheri's bio

Journalist, theater person, writer, blogger, now venturing out as an entrepreneur - I am a jack of all trades of sorts, aspiring to be a master of one or none at all :)

Shantheri's written interview

✏️ Member interview: Shantheri Mallaya (INFJ/INFP)

Personality type


What we talk about

  1. On the 2 sides ('avatars') to Shantheri's persona, and discovering she was an introvert
  2. On cultural and familial expectations
  3. On experiences with therapists
  4. On feeling like we don't belong
  5. On school subjects, and Shantheri's 1st career
  6. On sabbaticals / the importance of taking a break
  7. On Shantheri's 2nd career
  8. On Shantheri's writing & creative projects
  9. On intuition
  10. On de-cluttering
  11. On what's next for Shantheri

Sabbatical.blog: Seventh week sabbaticals

Connect with Shantheri

Blog -> http://compashan.blogspot.com/
LinkedIn -> https://www.linkedin.com/in/shantheri-mallaya-4044548/
Medium -> https://medium.com/@bluntitude
Twitter -> https://twitter.com/Shaanemaan

Art Courtyard Productions:
Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/ACYProductions/

Amazon -> https://www.amazon.in/Game-Pawns-Shantheri-Mallaya/dp/B07CTT5R7C
Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/AGameofPawns/

✏️ see also: Member interview: Shantheri Mallaya (INFJ/INFP)

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