Episode 30: Darcy Ritt (INFP) on travel, freelancing & the importance of routine

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Darcy is a writer, Spanish linguist, and coffee enthusiast.

Episode 30: Darcy Ritt (INFP) on travel, freelancing & the importance of routine

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In brief

We talk about: travel and digital nomadism, the fine line between freedom and routine/structure (and the importance of the latter), adjusting to & the realities of freelance life, and more.

Darcy's bio

Hola, I'm Darcy—writer, Spanish linguist, and coffee enthusiast. I have my Master's degree in Spanish Translation, but my proudest accomplishment yet has been putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) as I edit the manuscript of my debut fiction novel. I hope that you are finding happiness in the little things and embracing all of the magic and wonder that come with being an INFx!

Personality type


Key conversation points

  • On Darcy's fondness for travel & where this came from
  • On feeling like old souls
  • On where "home" is
  • On being drawn to the Spanish language & music
  • On Darcy's experiences and growth with travel
  • On the fine line between freedom & structure/routine (see also: Darcy's article, below)
  • On adjusting to freelancing
  • On the realities of freelancing vs the (social media) perceptions
  • On future travels / digital nomad-ing
  • On minimalism and internal minimalism
  • On Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) / winter mood changes
  • On the importance of having a creative outlet
  • On Darcy's 1st novel


Why Routines Are So Important for INFPs (Even Though We Hate Them)
by Darcy Ritt

Why I've downgraded to a simpler phone
by Jas / INF Club

On building a better relationship with technology (mobile + laptop)
by Jas / INF Club

Connect with Darcy

Email -> rittdarcy@gmail.com

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