Episode 33: A conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ) and Jas Hothi (INFP), Part 2: Creativity

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Part 2 of a new conversation series with INF Club's Jas (INFP) & Lauren Sapala (INFJ). Today's theme: creativity.

Episode 33: A conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ) and Jas Hothi (INFP), Part 2: Creativity

Part 2 of a new conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ) and Jas Hothi (INFP)


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In brief

We talk about:
- what creativity means to us
- mainstream definitions of creativity versus the truth about creativity
- the creative process itself
- if NaNoWriMo works for intuitive writers
- how highly creative people can struggle with working a conventional job
- and more

Lauren's bio

Lauren is a writer, writing coach, and an INFJ. She also wrote the book The INFJ Writer, Firefly Magic and The INFJ Revolution, books for intuitive introverts, HSPs, empaths and all other sensitive, struggling artists | website

Jas's bio

is the curator of INF Club, providing resources, community and coaching for INFPs, INFJs, intuitives & highly sensitives. He is currently putting together his first book, The Indie Author | website

What we talk about

We begin today’s topic at 5:40 if you want to dive straight in. If you’d like to hear about Bruiser, the Whidbey Island elk, be sure to listen from the beginning.

  • On what creativity means to Jas
  • On our tendency to focus on ‘output’, ‘making money’ and ‘receiving acclaim’
  • On setting boundaries for the creative process
  • On stories having a life of their own
  • On why not to talk about your stories (with anyone else), as you write them
  • On writing with others vs writing alone
  • On NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month): and how to make it work for you as an intuitive writer
  • On Lauren’s writing schedule, and how she has written 11 books
  • On receiving information from the outside, vs left brain chemistry
  • On Jas’s ‘Awkward Brown Guy’ blog, and writing anonymously under a pen name
  • On creating boundaries and emotional distance between your writing and “the world”
  • On getting stuck in a niche, feeling like a slave to your subscribers, and being afraid to deviate
  • On why Lauren set out towards doing her own thing and living a more creative life
  • On what creativity means to Lauren

Cat Rose Neligan
- The Creative Introvert
- Astrology

Bruiser, the lone elk of Whidbey Island

Tim Bergling
- Avicii / I Could Be The One (song video)

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Lauren Sapala
- Intuitive Coaching (video course)
- Intuitive Writing (course)
- Between the Shadow and Lo (book)

Connect with us

Lauren -> writecitysf@gmail.com | www.LaurenSapala.com
Jas -> jas@infclub.net | www.Jasraj.me

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