Episode 34: Beatrice Zornek (ENFJ) on the link between our mind, body and emotions

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Beatrice Zornek is a Certified Transformational Coach working with highly sensitive professional women.

Episode 34: Beatrice Zornek (ENFJ) on the link between our mind, body and emotions

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Beatrice's bio

Beatrice Zornek is a Certified Transformational Coach - she works with highly sensitive professional women who are outwardly successful, but deep down feel overwhelmed and uninspired in their work. She supports them to get clarity on the next step, so they can fall in love with work - and their life.

Personality type


In brief

The main theme running through this episode is Beatrice talking about the holistic health journey that she has been on, and this link between the body, mind and the emotions.

Key conversation points

  • On being an extrovert, and how this has changed over time
  • On being a highly sensitive person, and managing this as an extrovert
  • On using MBTI at work
  • On being disconnected from our emotions/bodies, and how we can re-connect with them
  • On the link between our body, mind and emotions
  • On fatigue and auto-immune disorders
  • On trauma and the body
  • On readiness, timing and things bubbling up
  • On restoring balance
  • On Beatrice's top 2 self-care tips
  • On Beatrice's transformational coaching practice

Gabor Mate
- website

Dr. John Sarno
- Wikipedia
- MindBody Prescription

Michael Brown
- The Presence Process (book)

The Tapping Solution
- The bond between autoimmune diseases and highly sensitive persons (article)

Beatrice's articles on Highly Sensitive Refuge:
- How I finally learned to stop being so hard on myself
- How to achieve your goals as an HSP using the Mind-Body-Heart system

Connect with Beatrice

Website: www.beatricezornek.com/
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/innercriticsupport/


Beatrice + Jas

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