Episode 36: Kat Nicholls (INFJ) on discovering her self-worth

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Kat is a writer, podcaster and self-worth coach.

Episode 36: Kat Nicholls (INFJ) on discovering her self-worth

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Kat Nicholls is a writer, podcaster and self-worth coach. Throughout all of her work her aim is to support people to find their worth, build self-belief and grow confidence so they can move past fear and live a life they love.

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Kat's written interview

✏️ A written interview with Kat Nicholls (INFJ)

Key conversation points

  • Kat's multi-passionate career (partly day-job, partly own projects), and how this came into being
  • Kat's journey from childhood, recovery from an eating disorder, and self-work on her self-worth
  • Kat's self-belief 'evidence bank', and her other go-to self-care practices
  • On experiences with mental health & in therapy
  • On juggling projects & taking breaks
  • Kat's "lockdown" experiences, wind-down routine, and e-book

- Do I need a counsellor or coach? (Happiful)

- Josephine Brooks 12-week planning method

- How to build a self-belief evidence bank (Blue Jay of Happiness / Kat Nicholls)

Happiful magazine
-> website
-> physical copy
-> therapy / professional support
-> mobile app

Pan's Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun (book)

Jen Carrington: creative coach

Connect with Kat

Website: https://bluejayofhappiness.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katbluejay/



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