Episode 37: Shannon Garza (INFJ) on better mental health as a highly sensitive person

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Shannon is a coach for highly sensitive people (HSPs) and a social media manager

Episode 37: Shannon Garza (INFJ) on better mental health as a highly sensitive person

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Shannon is a Highly Sensitive Person and an Introvert. She is a coach for Highly Sensitive People and the Social Media Manager for HSP World. She is an advocate for breaking the stigma on mental health. She loves laughter, kittens and helping people live their best lives.

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Written interview

✏️ A written interview with Shannon Garza (INFJ)

Key conversation points

  • Shannon's various schooling experiences: home-school, Presbyterian & public schools
  • Mental health & depression: what has helped Shannon heal & move through this
  • Shannon & Jas's experiences with therapy
  • The importance of feelings
  • On being a highly sensitive person (HSP), and moving beyond beyond Elaine Aron's book
  • On owning our HSP-ness & discovering its benefits and strengths
  • How Shannon uses positive self-talk (to counter negative thoughts)
  • The intentional changes Shannon has made to her daily life
  • Shannon & Jas's experiences with working from home
  • Shannon's work as a social media manager, and managing digital boundaries
  • Shannon's work as a coach for highly sensitive people (HSPs)

Elaine Aron
Website: https://hsperson.com/
Books: https://hsperson.com/books/
HSP Self-Test: https://hsperson.com/test

Highly Sensitive Refuge

Introvert, Dear

HSP World
Website: http://www.hsp.world/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HighlySensitivePersonWorld/

Connect with Shannon

Website: http://shannongarza.com/
Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/highlysensitivelifecoach/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shannongarzaef
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EuphoriantForce

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