Episode 39: Lauren Sapala (INFJ), part 3: Relationships & boundaries

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Part 3 of a conversation series with Lauren Sapala (INFJ). Today's theme: Relationships & boundaries

Episode 39: Lauren Sapala (INFJ), part 3: Relationships & boundaries

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In brief:

  • What relationships look like for Lauren & I
  • Why boundaries are so important for INFPs & INFJs
  • Learning to protect our energy
  • Resources that can help us

Lauren's bio

Lauren is a writer, writing coach, and an INFJ. She also wrote the book The INFJ Writer, Firefly Magic and The INFJ Revolution, books for intuitive introverts, HSPs, empaths and all other sensitive, struggling artists | website

Jas's bio

is the curator of INF Club, providing resources, community and coaching for INFPs, INFJs, intuitives & highly sensitives. He is currently putting together his first book, The Indie Author | website

What we talk about

  • On being in our inner world, vs being in the outer/physical world
  • How we experience relationships, friendships and breakups as INFPs & INFJs
  • Feeling people's "stuff", but learning not to be their caretaker
  • Spiritual arrogance; someone's potential, their "stuff", and their unique path
  • Being an artist, self-destruction and changes in mood
  • The Michael Teachings, soul archetypes & roles
  • Friendship circles, angst, and sharing struggles
  • Bill Burr, Russell Brand, Avicii, Robin Williams & Peter Kay
  • INFP & INFJ boundaries, energy fields & not taking someone else's poker chips
  • On red flags and psychic vampires
  • The lower energy fields: shame, guilt & fear

Yoga With Adriene
- YouTube channel
- website

Aletheia Luna
The Awakened Empath (book)

The Michael Teachings
- website
- soul archetypes (test)

Pretty Woman (movie)
- Wikipedia

Bill Burr
- Wikipedia

Russell Brand
- Wikipedia

Tim Bergling (Avicii)
- Wikipedia

Robin Williams
- Wikipedia

Peter Kay
- Wikipedia

Caroline Myss
- website
- books:
-> Why People Don't Heal and How They Can
-> Anatomy of the Spirit
-> Sacred Contracts
-> all books

David Hawkins
- website
- Power vs Force (book)

Connect with us

Lauren -> writecitysf@gmail.com | www.LaurenSapala.com
Jas -> jas@infclub.net | www.Jasraj.me

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