Episode 40: Chris Porter (INTJ) on thriving as an intuitive, creative solopreneur

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Episode 40: Chris Porter (INTJ) on thriving as an intuitive, creative solopreneur

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Chris Porter is a multi-dimensional creative, specializing in web and product design for startups and small businesses. Based in LA, he enjoys solving problems, making music and taking photos. His knack for systems and data helps brings who he works with knowledge and results for their business. You can find Porter at madebyporter.com, and @madebyporter on most social media platforms.

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In brief

  • Porter's portfolio career as a creative freelancer and entrepreneur
  • How to honour our multiple interests vs not taking on too much
  • Managing our energy as intuitive introverts... and more.

Key conversation points

  • Porter's portfolio career, as a freelancer and creative indie (web designer, music producer & photographer)
  • Honouring our creativity and multiple interests, vs taking on too much and too much "work" being detrimental to our mental health
  • The differences between specialists, versatilists & generalists
  • Different types of intelligence, and left vs right brain
  • Some of Porter's habits, and how he plans and organises his life & work
  • On high sensitivity, moods and managing our energy as intuitive introverts
  • Being a digital nomad (and where he wants to go next)
  • Taking micro risks vs macro risks
  • Why Porter makes music, how he got into it, and his musical influences

- website

Pareto Principle (80:20 rule)
- wiki

- Coffee in the Mornings (blog post)
- Spotify music

- website / self-test

- website

Jas's Top-100 Spotify list, 2020

Connect with Porter

Website: madebyporter.com
Twitter: @madebyporter
Instagram: @madebyporter
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/madebyporter/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6ieY5ix0xCueJSw6gQnIBb?si=uJXn3clLTK24thRdENu3iw



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